God is working very loudly – 3-11-22

It has been a few weeks of trusting in the Lord and holding onto Him as we walk. I had a slight case of that virus with just a stuffy head that lingers, but my husband was hit pretty hard and still suffers from what is termed long covid. I felt the Lord near continuously, and I was standing on His promises as we walked. I realized the dream of the sparrow and the dream the Lord recalled to memory a year later came just in time. He is always right on time. He has been working so loudly, even when the room would be silent. We lost my brother-in-law in the process, so like many others, we know the grief you’ve gone through at this time.

What a blessing that when we walk in troubles, we have the magnificent Savior to walk with us. He has worked in everything and blessed us so. I picture the perfect lamb slain for the remission of our sins, and I picture the One fighting for us today – the mighty Lion of the Tribe of Judah. Everywhere I walked, I pictured that Lion beside me with my hand on His back – hanging on. I remembered in the dream it made the way easier, so through this, it made the way easier.

I woke in the night last night so I got up and prayed, then I opened my bible to just read wherever my eyes fell. I was reading about the sparrow in Luke 12.

How awesome is our God. He makes the way so clear and our hearts so full of joy, even in the troubled times. The waters do not overtake us and we are not burned in the fire. I am so thankful today, so very thankful, that even when we stand in a silent room, God is working loudly with a roar.

God bless you! I pray for you every day!

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  1. We are still praying for your family, that NOW in the name of Jesus, healing continues to be released in your family! Also, I LOVE the passage you wrote, “ I am so thankful today, so very thankful, that even when we stand in a silent room, God is working loudly with a roar.” There are so many silent rooms that seemingly overshadow the power of God’s promise to us, but in the middle of the silence, when I hear that same roar, it calls me to battle one more step, one more hour, one more day…the Lion WILL prevail! Thanks for your post!

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