In His Hands – 1-26-22

The Lord couldn’t be speaking any louder than He is recently. He is telling us to put our total trust in His hands and rest in His peace.

I had sparrows on my porch the other day. They rested on the rail and squawked very loudly, which is very unusual. I took a photo but it was too far away and zooming made it blurred. This morning I woke to a vision. In my view, I saw two arms and hands coming from the right. The hands gently held a nest and a sparrow rested in it.

I posted a dream of experiencing a storm and air strikes from jets. At the end of the dream I heard ‘sparrow’.

I shared verses of what the bible says about the sparrow. He is telling us to trust Him. If He cares so much for the sparrow, how much more does He care for us. I don’t know if we will be taken up when this starts or if we will be hidden in His protection, but I do know He is speaking very loudly to trust Him. So trust Him I am. I hope you will join me in that peace over your life. Amen!

Categories: Visions

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