Time off – 6-26-20

I will be away for awhile.  My father-in-law passed.  It is one of the sad stories so many are going through at this time.  We had not been able to see him for two or three months.  We finally saw him through a doorway Father’s Day when he went to a different facility.  A facility that was apparently not good for him.  I can’t go into any other details, but he is not suffering any longer.

Thank you for your prayers at this time and I will be praying for all of you.  All of you that hear from the Lord in different ways and try to spread the true gospel.  I have a recent comment on my page that says the truth is a Man.  And we believers know that man is Jesus.

Blessings to you all!  God is still in control and He has us in His hands!

The Light is Green – September 2015

IMG_6119 (3)


This goes with the unprecedented prayers post.  Reposting 5-26-20

In September of 2015, I kept feeling an earthquake was coming, waking in the night with it on my mind. I searched the Web for a scientific reason. I came to realize it was more of a shaking that was coming.  Hebrews 12:27
Around September 16, 2015, I dreamed I was standing in front of a man in a black suit. I didn’t see his face. He took my hands and swung them out and back again as he sang ‘I have my faith in the condemnation’. When I sang along, it was so loud it woke me. I looked up condemnation on the Web and saw ‘Romans 8 You Tube’, a beautiful reading of Romans 8.
Another day I had my eyes closed and a mushroom cloud appeared in the distance. I thought ‘why am I seeing a bomb’? I had never had visions before until September of 2015.
I had seen a calendar in a vision showing the 21st at the end of the week. On December 21st, 2017, on a Thursday, the UN voted to not hold to Trump’s claim that Jerusalem is now the capital of Israel and no other.
Shortly after, I had another vision. I had been reading on my nook but got tired so I put it down and closed my eyes a minute. Immediately I saw a traffic light on the right turn green and traffic flowed. Then on the left I saw a man dressed in black with black shoes walk up a long flight of white steps to huge columns at the top. I only saw him from the back. I think it was the same man that sang when this all started. I didn’t see a building with those long steps, just the steps and columns that led to what would be a temple or capitol. I felt something had happened that made the light green for the rise to power. On January 2, 2016, I saw a picture pop up on the Internet that looked like the structure in my vision. It was even the same view of it that I saw.  The man had started walking up the right side of the step going toward the left as he walked up.  I asked someone what is that? They said the seat of satan. I asked what on earth is the seat of satan? A friend sent me the history of it. I looked it up further and found Revelation 2:12-14. Another name for the place is pergamon. You can look up the history of Pergamon.  Hitler replicated it to give his speech and there are videos showing where Obama did the same. Whatever was happening to turn that light green wasn’t good, and that was obvious.

You can look up Pergamon for a picture.  This photo taken by me.

Warnings – September 2015


This goes with the unprecedented prayers post.  Reposting 5-26-20

September 21, 2015, I woke at 4:23am after a dream. I had been noticing a lot of 23’s in the times I would see. I’m not into numerology but these 23’s kept popping up. I was off all technology. The dream I had just had was so hard to put on paper that at first I put it in shorthand on a note card so no one else could read it. It took a while for me to put it on the notepad I had bought. This is the dream.
I was in the back seat of a car as the driver took me to a house. A young man and a young woman stood at the road to greet me. Something had happened out in the world. I stepped out of the car and hugged the young man and called him brother. The young woman was smoking one after the other obsessively and she never spoke throughout the dream nor did she hug me. The young man made reference to the young woman about smoking and asked why she did that and why couldn’t she stop. There was a funeral coming up and she was expected to be there but wasn’t going. We walked into the house and into a kitchen where I remember food on the cabinets like people bring to your house when there’s been a death. A minister I know told the woman that he didn’t understand why she wouldn’t go to seal the final decree. I kept thinking she could take care of final things later and defended her because I thought it was just too hard for her to go into the church. I thought they were talking about final funeral arrangements being settled. The young woman and young man stood at the counter while the minister sat at a table with papers and pen. The minister looked up and asked her if she was going to the church and he mentioned a graveside. When the young woman did not speak, the minister looked at the young man and very sternly asked, ‘why is she not going to the church?’ The young man said, ‘she is of the church of satan’s love’. The minister turned and looked me square in the eyes, ‘satan has shown us a lot of love here today’. Then a small innocent looking little boy dressed in a white robe with I think a white sash around his waist walked up to the minister. The boy didn’t speak and had no expression as he stood there and stared. He then began to walk around the minister. The minister’s stare followed the little boy as he said, ‘you showed us a lot of love here today’. Then I woke up. I was so disoriented I couldn’t think of what I was supposed to be doing. That feeling followed me for a while.
In looking back on the dream, the little boy was symbolic of an adult that is a religious figure that shows innocence and sweetness to people, but his actions and his heart are not good. That much I knew. The young man tried to correct the young woman, but she wouldn’t listen.  He was a child of God, a follower of Christ.  I called him brother.  I wasn’t sure if the woman was actually a woman or a symbol of our country. I know the statue of liberty is from ISIS – Ishtar. The minister was warning me about the young woman and the little boy. He made sure I knew not to trust them. She is silent and he acts innocent. They will show a lot of love but beware, they are not what they seem. I understood this dream more on the 23rd. (Note: I later learned in April of 2017 that when a woman is spoken of in bible prophecy it is usually speaking of the church. There will be false doctrine taught in the church, as it has already begun. In June of 2017 I was reading bible.org where smoke in Revelation usually relates to judgment, doom, and torment. Many verses in Revelation stood out as I read. For Revelation 19, Matthew Poole’s Commentary says ‘As the church proceeded in her praises, so God proceeded in his judgments upon the great whore, until she was ruined past recovery.’ And Rev 14:11 speaks of the smoke of their torment will go up forever and ever.  I learn more as time goes by.  To God be the glory.

On September 23, while on the technology fast, I felt the need to call some people I pray with.  I’d been waking up seeing  23 and it was the 23rd.  It weighed heavy on me.  I’ve never had anything to do with numerology but this was significant.  One of the people I was going to call, actually called me as I picked up my phone.  He said he had tried to call me two days prior to tell me the pope was coming to America.  He couldn’t get through to my cell which was odd, but he knew I was heavy in prayer and felt the prayer was more important than the purpose so he didn’t try to reach me after that.  There is a bible meaning for 23 which is death.

On the 26th, a life-long friend called and said the leaders had met at ground zero the day before and she was disturbed that Jesus was never mentioned by any of the delegates from countries that started the UN.

The Vineyard – 5-18-20



A sphere of activity, field of endeavor.  It is so amazing to see such a battle in the world today.  A battle we read about.  A battle we knew was coming.  And a battle in which we know the outcome.  That in itself gives courage and strength as we walk in faith with the Lord.

The war is against God.  It is against His Son.  It is against the seed.  And you are a warrior in it.  You have on armor.  I know, it’s as strange as strange can be if you don’t think about it in the spirit and from God’s perspective.  But you are already in a war.  Some of you have been for a very long time.  You have weapons.  You hold up a sword everyday.  You wear a helmet and a breastplate.  Is that not awesome.

You hear the battle cry in the night and you hear it in the day.  You are an army of so many.  We walk shoulder to shoulder yet we live in different states or different countries even.  It will literally blow your mind when you stop to think about it.

We run low on ammo and sit before God and King on bended knee with our heads bowed low and our swords pointed in the ground.  The light that never ends and never runs low comes over us and refuels.  It recharges.  It sloughs away the hurt words, the shunned attitudes.  It gives strength to know our loved ones gone on in this battle are with the Lord, and the ones still fighting are strong in courage.

We rise from bended knee charged again for the battle with our eyes on the victory.

God bless us all as we walk shoulder to shoulder in our armor, hearing His voice.  We are blessed.

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Get out of that dark corner 5-12-20



Over the past few days there would be a scripture, maybe a chapter, maybe a verse, I would read that I knew to keep with me.  I could see as this was happening to keep these close because something was coming together.  This morning it finally flowed.

Scripture tells us to be careful for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let our requests be made known unto God.

If you’re like me lately, I can find myself worrying about everything and not laying it at the Lord’s feet.  I have to stay focused in order to do this, and the problem at the moment is focus.  The battlefield is definitely in the mind.

Worry can keep our light hidden.  It will put us in a corner crouched with a crowd of others.  Arise, shine, for our light has come, and the glory of the Lord rises upon us.  And we look up from that crowded dark corner and whisper, “Who?  Me?”

And He says, “Yes, you.  See, darkness covers the earth and thick darkness is over the peoples, but I have risen upon you and My glory appears over you.”

So we get out of that corner and walk toward His light so that He can fill our lanterns with oil until our cup runneth over.  We walk out of there not trusting in what we feel right now, but trusting in what we know.  We place the burdens at His feet in faith as we give thanks for His protection and provision, but most of all His mercy and His grace and love.  For which without any of the last three, we would not be here at all to shine.  We would be in the darkness to never see a light at all.

Because of our surroundings, we think it is dark around us as it is around the world.  But nay my brothers and sisters in Christ.  There is a Light around us, a glory like never before.  He tells us that we believe in Him, therefore greater works we do.  He will answer our prayers as we ask with a contrite heart to glorify His name.

If we ask for an egg, will He give us a scorpion?  We are so imperfect but if our children ask for something, we still give good gifts.  So think on the perfect Father and how much more he gives the Holy Spirit to them that ask.

The stork in heaven knoweth her appointed times; and the turtle and the crane and the swallow observe the time of their coming; do we not know the judgment of the Lord?  Do we not know the time we are in?

This is the time we must focus so that we don’t worry and we lay it all at Jesus’ feet.  Keep a trained mind, stop the thoughts we know should not be there.  Know the Light within us and let it shine so that the ones in those dark corners can see it – not to be led to us but to the Lord.

Keep a praise on our lips for your glory Father.  No offering we could offer for it is finished by the perfect Lamb.  Keep us mindful that our sacrifice to you is a broken spirit, a broken and a contrite heart.  Strengthen us as we stand in the gap for our brothers and sisters in Christ.  We may walk through the valley of the shadow of death, but our hearts and minds are stayed on you on that mountaintop, from whence our glory comes and our cup runneth over.  We praise your heavenly name as we do the works of the Father with the light of Jesus within us.  Faith and not by sight, for our eyes CAN see!  BEHOLD, OUR KING!

Higher Love 1-10-19

img_5748 (1)

Words can’t do this justice but I’ll try.

There are so many broken. I asked God was there anything that can be said to those that are hurting so bad for so many reasons.

January 10, 2019, I had a dream in the night that was so precious. I can’t think about it without the tears flowing down my face.

I was watching plates and cups that were like fine china. Their colors were a brilliant blue and bridal white. I didn’t see God but I knew the light shining on all this fine china was Him. The light was coming from my right from up high.

All the china was in awe, very still, and silent in His presence. There was so much peace and love. Then the light focused on a cup in the back. It was so broken and shattered. It’s beautiful brilliant blue colors were laying close by, and one by one they began to find their place as the cup was so lovingly put back together. The Father gently and lovingly said ‘you are so beautiful; so wonderfully made’.

As the pieces kept being put back together, the Father said ‘I know everything about you…and I still love you’.

I hope this brings comfort today. It’s not the first time I’ve seen a fragile dish used to show how God works. He left the ninety-nine to look for the one. (Matthew 18:12)

Psalm 139:14 – I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvelous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well.

Psalm 63:7-8
Because thou hast been my help, therefore in the shadow of thy wings will I rejoice. My soul followeth hard after thee: thy right hand upholdeth thee.

Jeremiah 17:14
Heal me, O Lord, and I shall be healed; save me, and I shall be saved, for thou art my praise.

Haggai 1:13
Then spake Haggai the Lord’s messenger in the Lord’s message unto the people, saying, I am with you, saith the Lord.

Jeremiah 31:3
The Lord hath appeared of old unto me, saying, Yea, I have loved thee with an everlasting love: therefore with loving kindness have I drawn thee.

This morning the song ‘Higher Love’ by Lilly & Steve Winwood got stuck in my head. I haven’t heard it in years. It reminds me of needing God’s love in our lives.

Gap Confirmation – 11-8-19


The good man sowed the good seed which was the word of God. In my dream the Spirit said ‘put it all out there. Don’t worry about it going bad. It will not go bad.’ It’s the good seed.
Tares come in at times and to them doctrines passed down in the bible will no longer matter. There are pastors today preaching there is no hell and all are forgiven. They are a tare.
Perry Stone told of a young man in Florida that had a dream so similar to mine. The young man was dying and the Lord took him up to see over a great field of people going into it. They were believers walking in unison. Suddenly, vultures came circling (Mark 4).
They dropped things into the field. Some tripped over those things. Three things happened.
Tares were assigned to some believers to make difficult the harvest. Tares are the bad seed. The second thing, stones were dropped with people’s names on them (stumbling blocks). Some people would hit the stone and fall on their face. Some bumped their toe and it caused an offense.
The wheat and tares grow together til harvest and it will take the angels to separate them. A tare will accept doctrine not in God’s word. They may break from a church but they will take 5 good families with them. Some people are weak spiritually and if the church splits they will follow that tare but the strong will stay and see it through.
Paul said he didn’t ask where meat came from when he ate with Gentiles. He sanctified it by prayer and let it go. He would eat no meat with Jewish brothers to be no stumbling block. Some think they have liberty in Jesus to do what they want and they don’t have concern how it affects others. This is a stumbling block. If you drink alcohol around people in recovery, then you are a stumbling block. You may not go to hell over a drink, but that’s not the issue.
There are things we can do that are ok but we choose not to so we won’t be a stumbling block to others. This is a gray area. Some say its ok to play the lottery, some may just buy one ticket, and others may become addicted. Some addicted have to avoid this and its their gray area. When the bible says no then its no longer a gray area. We just follow the Word.
But the vultures were throwing things in the field to be a stumbling block. The young man saw missiles going out and fire was on the missiles. (fiery darts of the enemy from Ephesians 6). So fiery darts of the enemy are coming against us at all times.
The enemy can place these fiery darts in our minds like oppression, depression, temptations. A thought that burns in us will not go away. Someone did us wrong and we are angry day after day or we want to retaliate. The battle is against tares, stumbling blocks, and fiery darts of the enemy.
The young man said he also saw older women with grandchildren in the field and they held huge shields. Every time the missiles came at them they would throw up the shield to cover them and their grandchildren. He saw some grandchildren playing around and getting outside of the covering and small arrows hit them and wounded them.
One man was hit by a vulture. Instead of using weapons God gave him, he ran. The vulture went faster and knocked him down because his shield of faith wasn’t activated.
Some were hit by a stone with their name on it, but they would immediately get back up and begin to defend themselves. Some stayed down and the vulture would eat the flesh = flesh rose up and they couldn’t defeat the fleshly nature.
The army was getting beat, whipped, disorganized and SUDDENLY – there was a call that came. It called them to the end of the field. They came together and said ‘we will whip this thing’!
They dug trenches to unite. They fought the forces. Then a false prophet came into the field on a white horse. Some followed that false teaching and doctrine. But there was a remnant and they came together. In the heat of the battle the young man having the dream heard a call and looked up. It was the City of God, the New Jerusalem. They knew the battle was over.
The young man said there were seasons of rest and refreshment in the midst of the battle, even with the birds flying. People laughed from time to time. (In my dream I remember that at times we would laugh.) Believers hugged each other and stayed humble before God. NEVER take the credit for yourself. Glorify God. He knows who will make His name great. Keep humility and keep a repentant spirit. Don’t let people’s offences come on you, and don’t be pulled into a battle you’re not assigned to. People will pull you into their struggles if they are offended to make you offended. Humility and gratitude, love and unity.
The love of God is released through relationship. Love covers faults. There is a spiritual blood line joined together by Jesus. We all have weaknesses, attitudes, and struggles. The enemy can’t destroy a church that has love. It is beautiful for brothers and sisters to love together. We don’t have to agree on everything like pre-trib and post trib. We don’t debate it. We follow Jesus and the enemy can’t whip a church.
Pastor Stone said that the Lord told a woman one day ‘men that play together become competitive and men that fight together become brothers’.
We don’t know the tares, but be aware and stay in the doctrine. There will be offences, but don’t be offended. Let it be water on a duck’s back or it will become a stumbling block.
Quinch those fiery darts with the real shield of faith.
Know who and what you are and what God said about you.

In my dream the Holy Spirit was telling us to fill the gaps.  The good food represented God’s word and the words He gives to us.  He were told to ban together and pray.  The Holy Spirit was with us and we surrounded ourselves with God’s word.  In this young man’s dream, he saw the birds coming which represented the birds in the bible in Mark.  He saw what the birds were doing to the people in the field.

The Little Things 7-7-19

IMG_7702 (1)

Jesus is even in the little things.  An example I have of that is quite hilarious to most.  I was trying to open a jar of Parmesan Cheese and it was shut tight.  I tried for several minutes before I said ‘I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me’.  It was still sealed tight so I put the jar aside and was about to say ‘except open this jar’.  Suddenly the lid popped up and off the jar.  I don’t know what was bigger, my eyes or my mouth, but I was so thankful I did not let those words escape.

When He walks with us, He is in the little things and especially the big.  I had my first mini stroke about two years ago, and as I walked into the emergency room the first thing I did was search out a bible because I was saying ‘well Lord, what do you think of this’?  I found a bible on a table and immediately opened it to read to whatever I came to.  This is how He speaks to me.

I opened the bible to Isaiah 43:2.  The Lord said to me in this verse ‘When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and when you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over you.  When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned; the flames will not set you ablaze’.

I immediately felt His peace, the peace that surpasses all understanding.  He gives you indications every minute of every day that He is there when you let Him walk with you.  Invite Him into your life for every day and for every night.  Repent of your sins.  When even the smallest things don’t seem to go right, focus your attention on Him.  Jesus is always there, always waiting, to walk with us every day.

God bless you as you know you are not alone in this day.  Even in the little things.

(photo sent to me by a family member-gotta love God’s artwork)

Come out of her – 01/2016 REPOSTED


It was in the last week of January 2016 when I was waking from sleep and my eyes were still closed. I saw an extremely crisp and vivid picture of Jesus standing outside with his left hand outstretched. I saw looking out a small square window like I’ve seen in a picture of an old watch tower. What I saw was more vivid than I see with my natural eyes. After that picture was gone, I saw a man standing at a side view. He was a warrior very intent and focused on readying his bow. I was more amazed at the clearness of what I was seeing than that I was seeing anything at all, much less Jesus and this warrior. I think the warrior had an arrow but I could only see so much out that small square window. He was very intent on readying his bow though. His face was very scarred.  I don’t believe I mentioned before that he had on no shirt.
Later in the day, I saw parts of a movie on TCM called Exodus: gods and kings. The man in the movie played Moses’ brother and he had the same scarred face I had seen that morning. Moses was trying to talk to Ramses but he argued and refused and Moses went to tell the people to put the lamb’s blood over their doors so they would be spared. That is all I saw of the movie.
Months later there was a word from the Lord that went with this. Jesus was saying to come out of her. I also kept hearing to go inside for awhile and shut the door until this indignation is passed. KJV
Revelation 18:4 – And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.
Isaiah 26:20 – Come, my people, enter thou into thy chambers, and shut thy doors about thee: hide thyself as it were for a little moment, until the indignation be overpast.
As time goes by I get revelations on things I’ve heard and seen. On 6-30-19 I was listening to a sermon on TV and this verse below was read. I immediately knew it went with this vision.
Psalm 11:2 – For, lo, the wicked bend their bow, they make ready their arrow upon the string, that they may privily shoot at the upright in heart.

It is time to stand as David did when he knew his God was bigger than the giant before him.  He that is in us is greater than he that is in the world.  He is greater than anything this world has to offer or can afford.  He and what He places within us is all that will not be shaken.  Stand!  And be not afraid!

Picture taken by me.

The Kinder Side – May 20, 2019

IMG_3257 (1)

We love the lake.  My husband and I get maybe two weekends a year alone because we are raising two grandchildren after our daughter passed away.

The boat ramp we chose was overcrowded.  People were intolerant and very rude.  Some were blocking the boat ramp to keep others from getting into the water for various reasons, one being he was waiting for somebody to arrive with the boat key, and he didn’t want to lose his place in line so he waited, which meant everybody else had to wait.

There was one guy alone in his opened top jeep listening to amazing lake fun music, waiting for his turn.  He told us to go ahead because he was in no hurry, and his smile reflected that.

We finally made it and I was trying to park the truck and trailer when I realized people were parked on the grass and in parking spots.  Some with only a vehicle and no trailer had taken up the spots reserved for vehicles with trailers.  I had to go tell my husband I didn’t know what to do.

He found a spot and we went on to enjoy a nice ride and swim.  Not long into the swim he began to not feel so well.  He was getting worse so we left and went back to get our vehicle and go home.  We soon found that we had been blocked in, and there was another man waiting at the boat ramp for something that was taking awhile but he, too, did not want to lose his place.  He became snippy when my husband asked if he was coming or going.

My husband found that he was blocked in and we couldn’t move the truck and trailer to get the boat anyway.

I went up to the guy sitting there blocking the way that the reason my husband had asked is he has a medical condition and was not feeling at all well.  We needed to leave.  He didn’t seem at all concerned and said he didn’t have a piece of candy or anything that would help.

I went on to the dock and asked another family if they had anything to help and the man said ‘we need to go’, so they left the dock and headed down the lake.

But the man that had been snippy stopped what he was doing and went to his dad’s truck and found something we could use.  I said ‘bless you and thank you’.  He then had a kinder look in his eyes.

Then a man that said his dad had the same condition helped my husband unhook his trailer, hand push it into the road, and move the truck so he could hook the trailer up again.  The man even offered to help get the boat on the trailer and secured.

I noticed that all but one of the people I talked dropped their attitudes when they saw their was a need.  Their anger and frustration melted away and they did what a person wanting to help somebody would do.

I realized that most people that act angry may have a medical condition and don’t know how to ask for help, they just want you to get out of their way.  And most people that want you to let them be a hindrance are really nice people.  They are always willing to help.  I could see that even in fun times on a beautiful day, people are angry and frustrated.  They are so focused on what they want that they are blind to any need there is.  They are blind to working together.  So I guess the key is to communicate and help each other.

As they were hand pushing the trailer out into the road, a truck on the grass blocked them.  A young man got off his jet ski to get his trailer and I prayed the trailer blocking us was his, and it was.  God answers prayers.  The young man apologized and moved right away.  I saw a picture that day of how communication can really make a difference.  I guess we talk by text and social media so much we don’t know how to talk face-to-face anymore.

But there is a kinder side to people.  I pray we can all dig down deep and find that kinder side.