Wings of a Sister – 3-21-21

I wrote this poem September 19, 2006.  The wings represent the faith in Jesus and comfort of the Holy Spirit.  I hope it blesses you today, and God bless all my brothers and sisters in Christ.

Resting on her back, they serve the purpose of leaning in time of need.  They are there when you can barely make it and you fall on them.  They are never tarnished, as they never judge, falsely or otherwise.

A sister’s wings see you through, a cushion of support put there by God.  They are a blanket when the world has shut you out and all is so cold.  A cover to seal your wounds and heal a broken heart.

The sisters’ wings bond in time, working for His Glory.  Never changing in His love, praying for your strength, your courage.  Made of something we can’t comprehend, the fabric of His mercy.

But always there, humble, faithful, and noble without question.  Seeking to do His work for those brought into times of struggle.  Sisters born by blood or by bond, working for His purpose.

Don’t under mind the strength of a sister, untiring and unfailing.  Keep your words kind and gentle for a sister, her burdens can be heavy.  And never fail to see wings resting on an angel, and know she’s somebody’s SISTER.

Donna Sikes – 9-19-06

Categories: Devotion

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