Dreams of Encouragement

Encouraging Dream for the Bride of Christ – 3-20-21


I was told in a dream to speak to some pastors, so I told a few I wanted to meet with them to tell things the Lord showed me. The pastors sat down but kept speaking to all in the room but me.  I hadn’t even told them anything yet. One of the pastors was a six year old boy that just pitched a fit. He said a lot plus he said he wasn’t buying what I was selling. I told him I hadn’t said anything yet.  He walked out.  I thought how can a six year old boy speak those big words he was speaking.  (I have previously felt led to share things more with pastors than anyone.)

I left and rode from place to place on a 4 wheeler. I couldn’t control the 4 wheeler or get the breaks to work, but when I needed to stop the 4 wheeler would just stop. If it felt it was getting out of control, it would just soon straighten up again. (I took this to mean being led by the spirit.)

While driving I looked to the left and saw a beautiful scene. A woman and man were partners in a gymnastic-like dance.  I knew both of them as best friends and loved them so very much.  I also knew the woman was actually disabled, but when dancing with him she was so beautiful and perfect.  Her moves were precise without a flaw.  I was so glad to see how perfect she was with him and how dancing with him made her able to do what she was doing. Her feet were on his and her hands were in his as they flipped and swung around. She was disabled no more while he carried her to where she could actually stand and her arms and legs moved gracefully.

They both wore white but her garments had stripes cut into them.  As the garments zoomed in to my view it looked like when a knife or claw just rips through fabric.

Now for them to be my best friends and for me to know she was actually disabled and for me to feel so much love between us, I woke having no idea who they were.

I immediately started speaking to the Lord about it when suddenly I knew.

She represented the Bride of Christ and He was Jesus Christ. Alone she can do nothing, but with Him all things are possible. And by His stripes she is healed. I went to the prayer swing so humbled that tears flowed down my face.  It is the most beautiful message I have ever received.  The Bride of Christ is made up of men and women alike.  His message is so simple.  I pray this encourages you today as it has me.

John 15:5 KJV          Isaiah 53.5 KJV          Philippians 4:13 KJV      Psalm 37:23 KJV

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