Knowing To Whom You Pray – 3/11/21

Not many will ask a stranger for help until it is a desperate situation. By the same, not many will pray to a Savior they don’t yet know, unless it is a desperate situation. It is not as easy to do these things in a desperate situation when we’ve gone against everything that God has written and we’ve only used His Son’s name when we’ve kicked a bucket so hard we bruised our toe. If we put Him in His place as we saw it and tied His hands and gagged His mouth, how do we approach Him?

We approach Him very humbly on our knees with a contrite heart. When we are still for just a minute and look up, there is a best friend waiting for us to have faith and recognize He is there. Intimacy with Him begins when we begin talking to Him. He is called by many names. Just begin with the one you used when you kicked the bucket – Jesus Christ.

He is there to forgive. He will clothe you and become the voice you hear. Just be quiet and listen.

Categories: Devotion

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