A Perfect Mess – 3-12-21

Christians are despised because of the One in us. Christ was despised, and so are we. We are not perfect, but the One in us is. Paul asked the believers, ‘Or do you not realize about yourselves that Jesus Christ is in you?’ A Christian walking with the Lord doesn’t have their eyes on themselves. Their eyes are on Jesus.

I pray today that as you walk in your perfect mess of a house, you lie in green pastures. I pray that as the kids are being extra loud, you walk beside still waters. I pray that as you walk in a fallen world unafraid, your paths of righteousness for His namesake are clear before you. I pray that in the perfect mess of decisions to be made, His rod and His staff comfort you. I pray that as you are met with anger and tempers flare, you are comforted with the table set before you in the presence of your enemies. In this world of sadness and sorrow, I pray you be still and know as you feel His anointing over your head, your heart spills over with His love. Embrace His goodness and mercy that follows you . . . all the days of your life. Our hope is in dwelling in His house with our Lord forever.

God bless you!

Categories: Devotion

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