The Little Things – 1-31-21

IMG_7702 (1)

I love humor, and I love the fact that Jesus is even in the little things.  One day I was trying to open a jar of Parmesan Cheese and it was shut tight.  I tried for several minutes before I said ‘I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me’.  It was still sealed tight so I put the jar aside and was about to say ‘except open this jar’.  Suddenly the lid popped up, off the jar, and onto the cabinet.  I don’t know what was bigger, my eyes or my mouth, but I was so thankful I did not let those words escape.

He wants our honesty and simplicity.  I think they call it ‘keeping it real’.  Then the focus shifts from us to God, and we begin to sense His grace.  Some have techniques to pray for certain things, but our heavenly Father knows what we stand in need of.  He walks with us and His peace comes over us and surpasses all understanding.  He gives us indications along the way that He is here.  I’m amazed at His sense of humor I’ve seen over the years.

God bless you as you know today that you are not alone, even in the little things.

Matthew 6:1-18

(photo sent to me by a family member-gotta love God’s artwork)

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