Pull up your boot straps 1/31/21

The Lord told me one time, basically, to pull up my boot straps.

I had been in the prayer swing two days crying about words that hurt my feelings over sharing Christ and the messages I’d been given. I kept saying ‘Lord, I know you don’t need a wimpy, you need a warrior, and I’m trying to get it together.

A sister in Christ that didn’t know what I was going through, and one God knew I would trust with a message, called me after I’d been going through this a couple days and said ‘I had the strangest dream. A woman was going around in the dark like a town crier yelling – God does not want wimpies, He wants warriors’. It took me awhile to stop laughing so I could talk.

I realized He wasn’t going to sit and cry with me. He was doing what the good Father does. Dry your tears and get about the business at hand. Time is short.

When you are called into the army, you get up, you put on your armor, you trust the one in high command is sending you out where you are most needed and you trust in the one that gave you that armor. Sometimes it’s behind a computer and sometimes it’s in person.

Joshua 1:9

Note: This old saying in my neck of the woods meant let’s get to it.

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