Remember Who You Are 1/30/21

The big divide, the lines drawn in the sand, sides chosen. A civil war amongst family and closest of friends. Separate ways over parties and beliefs. Trust in a man. Trust in stocking up. And the toilet paper rush.

As the word of the One True God surrounds us with His Spirit and His Truth, we are reminded of provisions in miraculous ways, rescues by a parted sea of water. Mighty kings brought down. Humble servants used to speak to millions in the story of faith and trust. An ark built by God’s design saves a family while the world drowns.

Trust in a man that can’t bring a promise to fruition, or a God that blows that promise out with a breath. Man lands on a moon. God creates moons, with stars and planets. Man blesses with a can of goods and expiration dates. God rains manna from heaven, enough for every day. A roof blows away while the Creator’s feathers protect.

Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it isn’t there. That’s called faith. Look to the Word. The story in that word. What do you see? How did it begin. What lessons were taught? How does it end? It begins. It’s not fiction.

Close your eyes, take all your emotions, beliefs and thoughts, take your anger toward others, all the fear and doubts. Now let it roll off like water on a ducks back.

Now look up. God is still there. His word is still there. Open it. The story is still there. Promises, healings, unconditional love, forgiveness, mercy, grace. The Son of God that left His place in heaven to suffer and die for you so that you might live.

Exit the land of division, the desert of complaining and confusion. Feel His Spirit in you as you invite Him in. Now walk by His still water and lay in His green pastures. Don’t look to the left or the right. Hold onto the rock of salvation and rest under His wing of protection. Praise His name and walk in His strength and His power as we have none in and of ourselves. This is a time to rest, have faith, stand on His promises, defend the Word, endure to the end. Love one another. Lend a helping hand. Pray for guidance.

It will be what God says it will be. It will be when God says it will be. Amen

Categories: Devotion

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