Dreams of Encouragement

Not yet!


On my mind a few days, is when the Lord brought me out of a dream on 4-17-18 as I have had happen before.  I left the dream and was looking over a checkered finish line.  I looked out from behind the line to where the race was still going on and saw an old walking stick or staff carved out of wood.  It was coming toward the finish line very fast, tearing up the dirt with one end of it.  The stick got to about a quarter inch of the finish line and abruptly stopped.  I heard ‘not yet’.

I felt I needed to look at Matthew 24 again.  I’ve been led to that chapter many times in the past few years, having dreams, etc. on different parts of it.

I knew some things were quickly coming to pass but the end was not yet.  It was further instruction to stay the course and hold on.  He was letting us know to prepare our hearts and minds.  I had Isaiah 58 on my mind all day the day before this happened, mostly the first verse.  The Lord told me to read that one morning in 2015.  He told me twice before I opened my bible and was at Isaiah 58.  I wasn’t accustomed yet as to why something like that would come to mind.

Another thing on my mind is perseverance.  Hardships we are going through will build that up to finish the race.  Perseverance means doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.  And succeed we will with the Lord’s help.

We need to repent and keep our hearts and minds right with God.  Pray on these things.  Other related verses – Hebrews 12 and Acts 20:23-24.

James 1:12, Galatians 6:9, Romans 5:3-5 – stay strong in the faith.  God bless you and yours!

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