AI vision/dream


It has been a few weeks ago that I was brought out of a dream to be looking at what appeared to be an old camera on the left and a mirror on the right.  The camera was looking through the back side of the mirror.  The camera didn’t have wood or leather on it.  It was just the metal-type makeup of it.  It had inner workings of lines and wires.  I looked at the camera on the left and the mirror on the right and felt threatened.  It was a really bad feeling.

I wrote it down and found a picture of a 1900 camera that looked similar to what I had seen and just tucked this away.  Since that time I have seen and heard conversations of AI being used to monitor posts and videos to make sure nothing is being said or typed for the public to see that could be called a threat or hate speech.  I tucked these things away as well, and it’s like a ping when I have these dreams or visions and something is later said or heard that is related.  The same with bible verses.

This morning I had an email to pop up that I had filed away in a client’s email folder.  There was a comment to the side that asked if I needed to follow up on that email.  It was an email from a client giving instructions and I had asked for clarification regarding the work.  The issue wasn’t resolved by email but by phone, so the email looked as if it was something I should have put in follow-up.  I told someone about it and made the comment that technology is getting a little smarter than it needs to when an emailed is pulled out of its resting place and put back before you in the inbox to see if you need to follow-up on it.  The person I told this to said that Alexa had just told her that it was time to place an order for something she does periodically, but she does not place these orders through Alexa.  She places the orders via her cell phone without speaking.

It hasn’t been a couple weeks ago that a site was securing a password for me and gave me options to choose security questions, except, the options for security questions were already answered.  I just needed to choose the question/answer I wanted to use.  For instance, one question asked me about a person that I know – ‘what town does this person live in’?  The answer was given in multiple choice.  I just had to choose the correct one.  Another question listed another person that I know and asked their age range.  The ranges were given in multiple choice and I just had to choose the correct answer.  A vehicle I had owned, a house I had owned, and a company I had been associated with years ago were also part of the question/answer choices.  Since I answered them all correctly, I was allowed to proceed.

I don’t remember things like this popping up until what I consider a warning was given that this is going to be more prominent in our daily lives.  Someone knows everything about us, so while we are aware, we put our trust in our Lord.  He is our Savior, not anything out there in this world.  We are being given the ‘notion’ that this technology is taking care of us and has our best interest in mind.  As we are more ‘in need’ we will see more of this.  Yes, we know what it is leading up to.

God bless you and your families.  This is something I thought I should finally share.  While we have been aware to an extent, the escalation is moving more rapidly that I had ever anticipated.

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