Dreams of End of Days

False Flag 6-23-19


I heard Jeff Byerly on you tube this morning speaking about a letter or email he had received.  He made sure the Lord gave him permission before he did.  One thing he spoke about was Philadelphia, PA, having a false flag.  I posted on this site about hearing this location one night.  This location was having flooding so I thought I was to request prayer for that reason.  The portion of the you tube that sent chills up my spine was the portion of Obama coming back, but not in an election.  I have briefly mentioned this on my private fb page, and also on a page I had for awhile on fb listing dreams, visions, and words from the Lord.  I have never put the full dream and the vision within the dream on this site before, although it is mentioned.  Listed below is the full documentation of the dream and vision within the dream that I had in June 2017 while on a technology fast.  Please go to Jeff Byerly you tube to hear his full report regarding False Flag.  This is something to pay attention to.

My dream June 2017 (in reference to above where Obama is coming back)
I was reading where in 12-31-16 the United Nations approved resolution 2334 (again the 23) to divide Jerusalem into two halves, east and west. The ancient eastern half would be given to the state of Palestine. Israel would retain control over the western half. The article also states that in an act of betrayal, the Obama administration orchestrated and approved the UN resolution. The 2016 election of President Trump has given Israel hope the UN resolution will not be enforced. On June 21, President Trump’s Jewish son-in-law, Jared Kushner, met with leaders of Israel and the Palestinians to initiate negotiations. At this point, they have only revealed the most obvious common goals of peace, prosperity, and security.
Before seeing this article – On June 20, 2017, I dreamed I was going to a wedding in a large open field. People were coming from all over. When I got there some large, flat, round wicker type ornaments were hung. Each one had a symbol on it that I’m not familiar with. I don’t remember the symbols other than I think it was a language I’m not familiar with like the Arabic language. I had forgotten something in the field.  A woman asked how I liked the decorations.  It was obvious somebody either didn’t know how to decorate for a wedding or we were here under false pretenses.  I didn’t want to hurt any feelings so I made a brief comment like okay or something.  I believe the woman was just calling attention to the decorations so I would pay attention to what that meant.  I looked up and in the sky came a horse the color of the off-white clouds with Obama on the horse, having the reins. He zoomed in very clearly to me. This became a vision within a dream. I’ve had one like this before and we don’t see this clearly with our earthly vision. Obama was bare chested. Then when the shadow of figures behind him moved out of the way, I could see Trump’s hair, at first like normal, then like in a caricature on the person that at first appeared to be riding with Obama. I remember thinking in the dream that Obama has a rider and those people are doing something to that rider.  I just saw a side-back view, but the head appeared to be dangling in the air. Or maybe it went from side view to back view to call my attention to the fact that it had changed to a caricature.  I didn’t understand why they would ride together.  I saw a post about DNA enhancements and thought of Trump’s head changing from normal to caricature.  This dream has been very disturbing.  I didn’t even post it on here until June 2019.  I at first tried to go by memory and we should never do that.  I went to my original notes and closed my eyes to relive it and give details as I saw them.  Reliving it made my sleep very upsetting during the night with things I saw.

I had told my husband when I woke after this dream that I had prophetic dreams all night and would understand what they meant and everything but I’d wake up and wouldn’t remember any of it. I just knew I’d had them. This one of Obama was the only one I remembered. I had that notion again to get off technology so I had been off a few days and at the beach when this happened. I prayed a lot and later realized the shadow of the people I saw behind Obama were doing something and when they moved aside, that’s when I saw Trump’s head. I don’t know what that means but looks like he was cut off. And maybe those people were a shadow government.  We should not be trusting the left or the right.  Look up. (post updated as stated above) Z3 News shared this and he gives more insight to it.  I will try to copy it later onto here.

I am not saying Obama is the antichrist, but there are many with the antichrist spirit leading the way.

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