Dreams of Warnings

Hawaii – only the beginning


I wrote on my note pad on April 12th that I had heard Hawaii very clearly but didn’t know why.  I started praying and looked up any news on Hawaii.  The people were hearing loud noises.  Some of the noises sounded like trumpets.  They must have been hearing plates shift, or God’s warning, or both.  I asked a brother in Christ, Marty Breeden, if he knew of anything.  He said just the loud noises.

On May 2nd, I woke seeing a vision.  I didn’t realize at the time just what was happening.  Sometimes I’m brought out of a dream to hear or see something so I thought that was what had happened.  I couldn’t put the image with the words at first.  The vision was my husband chasing our youngest grandson.  Our grandson fell over the soft arm rest of the couch where my husband tickled him and they laughed.  Just after that I heard, ‘things will never be the same again’.  As soon as I heard that I felt a panic rise up inside me that lasted about a minute before it died down.

It came to mind to take my pen and pad to the swing and ask God to give me something more on the warning.  That’s when I looked down and saw my notes from April 12 where I wrote ‘I heard Hawaii.  I don’t yet know what it means.’

So on May 2 I wrote ‘Last night I was brought out of a dream to a strong voice ‘things will never be the same again and with the voice a panic rose up like I’ve never felt before.  It didn’t last but a minute and it died down.  I don’t remember having that before.  God’s timing is different from ours but it felt this was near.  The sadness of sudden destruction.  I read Revelation 18.

Also Jeremiah 51:6 – Flee from the midst of Babylon, and each of you save his life!  Do not be destroyed in her punishment, for this is the Lord’s time of vengeance; He is going to render recompense to her.

All the playfulness and fun – things will never be the same again.  Hawaii is just the beginning.

Hawaii always has had quakes but they got worse, the eruptions began back to back, and fissures opening – lava flowing.  And it continues as I post this on July 6, 2018.

The restlessness that came with that feeling continues at times.  So many have lost their homes, and I pray for them.  I also pray for repentence in the land.  As the dream I had where judgments were on the plate between the cracks and I was told not to touch it because I would set things off balance.  We trust God with His fair and just handing out of His judgments.

After the warning, I went out to my prayer swing and asked the Lord to give me His peace.  I fell into a deep sleep for about an hour.  I noticed I had written Matthew 7:7 under Hawaii on April 12.  Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened until you.

Since the dream of the giraffes, I felt that was just saying time is close to the times of the end.  We can’t be slow about the kingdom things we need to do.  Those are the things of our focus.  This is our work.

I have been shown over the past three years that the way we look at anything or any person now is in the way of the kingdom.  We don’t want to tarry.

An example is a website I put my dreams on when they first started coming so rapidly.  I was so excited to see others talking about these things too.  The man that owned the site, in his kind way, let me know I had a lot to learn about doing that.  I didn’t understand that at the time and was frustrated.  God gave me a dream to let me know the importance of that man and his work. to God’s kingdom.

In the dream I saw the man welcome us to a place that was full of plants which represented life.  This man was very humble and kind in his strength.  He then took us to the next building where the kingdom work went on.  Some walked in with him but others like myself were struggling to get down a rickety ladder from the first building to the next.  The could see in the windows of the next building and there were so many plants I didn’t see how the people got in.  It was so full of life.  That dream helped me see so much.

Another dream like this was of a woman that is a helpmate to her husband in ministry.  I was telling her some things I’ve seen but she wasn’t responding so I thought I’d offended her.  God showed me a clip of her working and said ‘she is my helper’.  I knew to leave her to her work and let her do what she felt she needed to do.  She might have been uncomfortable in what I was telling her.

So the way we act and look at people now is ‘are they doing kingdom work’?  We are mindful and respectful of that by way of the gifts we have been given to do so.  We are patient, kind, and using all our fruits of the spirit because they are in us now and it is a natural reaction for us that we live through those in every circumstance and situation.

Our hope, our faith, our love, and our patience and endurance has been given to us through our love in Jesus Christ.  We know there is a better day.  We know what we go through before that day.  Our hearts and minds are prepared.  We will occupy until we see the splitting of the eastern sky.  We will know His voice and through our faith we will follow His instructions no matter how odd someone else may think those instructions are because we know to lean not on our own understanding.  As the song says, onward Christian soldier.  Gather the armor and keep it on.  When the enemy comes into your head that you are not worthy or you appear proud and puffed up, just be still and close your eyes, take a deep breath.  Remember who you are.  A child of God, and you’re working for Him.

Jesus will never leave us nor forsake us as we move rapidly through scripture.  We know the time we are in.  God bless you.

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