Learning in a Safe Place 5-1-18

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There are so many nights in my dreams that I go to a safe place.  A place where I’m taught so much.  I understand every word and every detail.  I’m so excited about it.  I understand every instruction and I know just what to do.  It’s a beautiful place and filled with knowledge.  I’m amazed and in awe.  I’m so excited when I first wake up, then it all leaves my memory.  I’m in a place not so safe and all my excitement fades as all the things I learned fade and the instructions just float away.  So I guess it’s just not the time to remember it.  I just know it’s a lot of strategy and planning.  And the teachers are as excited as I am.  They are all in God’s will.  Proverbs 2:10 – kjv

When wisdom entereth into thine heart, and knowledge is pleasant unto thy soul

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Author: aswingandaprayer.com

I share dreams and visions over the years on this site. I enjoy giving encouragement and devotions. Thank you for visiting. Donna Sikes

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