Walk on anyway – 7-13-22

Sometimes the way seems hard when some come against you and you can’t seem to see the path clearly,

Walk on anyway. Just stop the thoughts and tell yourself the Lord is with you and He’s by your side.

Sometimes people leave and we don’t always know what we did or said and we find ourselves unable to speak,

Walk on anyway. We still have His beautiful Spirit and His Voice. He is walking with us so walk on anyway.

Be still and know that He is in this place with you where are you, He will stay with you and let you rest

He will help you walk on anyway. His peace will wash over you until you feel like you can speak again and see the path.

He knows. He already knew. You are not alone. He is always with you wherever you go. Joshua 1:9 And He will give you strength. Isaiah 41:10

Categories: Devotion

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