Silly ole ducks 1/4/21

I’m learning to use WordPress on phone.

Have you ever sat back in every circumstance to see how God is in control? I put my ducks in what I call my row and He laughs as He has already put them where they need to go. They weren’t falling off all along. He knows what we need to see in a day. He touches our heart and urges us ‘pray’. He not only looked at that moment but He knew who we would encounter down the road that needed to hear it. He knows it all and He goes before us. He establishes our steps. Us worrying is like a raindrop trying not to fall as it covers a bud that opens to a flower. A moment of grief, a moment of pain, gives us a memory to help us sustain. Ask Him why are you suffering. As He knew you would ask, He places someone in pain in your path. He knew your heart would reach out where theirs couldn’t. From pain to comfort, speaking of those memories that replace tears with laughter.

Sometimes an addict has to sit with those that have lost everything and their support group too. Sometimes God has something to show us. Does He have something to show you? He sees our past, present, and future. For to Him it is all now. He weaves a tapestry and it’s called life.

Paying attention through His eyes puts the slow down in our hurry. It puts the peace in our worry. It makes us stop to give a crust of bread. It takes the judgment from our head.

Let go and let God. He is so good at His job and He loves it so. He puts our faith in a bubble that has us wrapped up from trouble. He knew the time we’d be born. He knew the events of the world. It didn’t stop Him from weaving our tapestry. For His glory and for His love for us. Trust Him and don’t worry about those

Categories: Devotion

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