Changing Directions 1/6/21

I listened to a street preacher this morning before day light telling how he had made friends with a young boy. This young boy is a severe diabetic and was scammed this week by a BCBS insurance sale. The boy paid $900 for the insurance. He was so upset because his condition warranted urgent medical attention. The boy lost his job yesterday. He was fired. He held on to the street preacher as he cried and he told that ‘if I die, you’ll know where I’ll be’. He died last night in his wife’s arms. Please pray for the family, and pray for the street preacher with such a burden this morning knowing one made it over, but so many more suffer. He will continue to put one foot in front of the other as God leads him to those in need.

The people needing help aren’t always sitting behind a computer, they don’t even own one. Not all people called to be Gods light are out where people need help. They are sitting behind a computer. Some can’t get out and God will lead them where they are.

That came to my mind yesterday as I was out, and again when I was sitting at a computer. Not everybody keeps a log of dreams, visions, and words God speaks. They keep it in their hearts. They don’t post it not knowing if anyone that needed it had a computer. They tell it to the one they see, the one they hug, the one they pull out of the ditch. If they are able bodied to go out. Some can’t. God uses them where they are.

I will be back should God give me anything more than these posts, otherwise, I will be going out where He leads me. As long as I am able.

All that follow Christ have a calling. When we know it is changing direction, we need to change our course.

Categories: Testimony

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