The sweetness of His words – 11-30-20

May we be blessed as we walk in the way of the Lord, seeking Him with our whole heart. His ways are not our ways. Righteous, just, and fair are His judgments. Praise Him in the storm and trust Him alone in all things. Praise Him as He keeps our path straight and teaches us His ways. Thy word is etched in our hearts. We walk as a stranger in this land and give praise for His protection. His love overflows us and He meets all our needs. Thou give us understanding of the times and lead with the rod and the staff. His understanding enters our hearts and we walk bravely with His armor. Praise His name as it is He that puts the love for others in our hearts, the yearning to help the oppressed and to lend a hand to the down trodden. The desire to forgive as He loves us so is placed in our hearts.

Lord let no pride enter into us. We will drink at your feet all the words you have spoken. Thy words are a lamp unto our feet as they light the path. The entrance of thy words giveth light and understanding to the simple. We hide in you oh Lord, our shield. Great are thy tender mercies. Teach us your statutes; all thy commandments are righteousness.

How sweet are thy words unto our taste, sweeter than honey to our mouth!

Inspired by Psalm 119

Categories: Devotion

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