A Vision About Current Deception – 12-2-20

Sometimes friends will send me a video to watch. One in particular made me feel very uneasy yesterday so I stopped watching it. After that I began to realize a lot of Christians are pushing their will on God in a forceful way. There isn’t much ‘even so, God’s will be done’. Faith is waxing cold. I asked the Lord again to please speak to me about this. I was very unfamiliar with what was happening and felt restless.

I woke at 3:00am this morning to a vision. A disgusting piece of flesh was crawling above me. That’s all the detail I’ll go into. It was trying to get to my skin as I kept literally moving out of the way. I finally thought, well maybe if it gets to clothing it won’t hurt me. I immediately sensed that it wouldn’t matter. As soon as it attached itself, it would find its way to my skin. I then could see what it would do if it got to my face, which was its ultimate intention. If it got to my face, it would have my eyes to see, ears to hear, and mouth to speak. The vision ended and I heard a voice say, ‘Where are all God’s people’?

This vision showed me that there is a deception rapidly spreading where people are in the flesh and not in the Spirit. This covering over the people’s eyes, ears, and mouths is very dangerous. I looked up the site of a couple of people I was referring to and they have thousands, and thousands, and thousands of followers. They are associated with someone else that is just as famous. This just kept going. I became very sick to my stomach. These people following them have no idea.

From what I can tell by researching, (and some with the help of a friend) this is something called NAR. Research it to make sure if you listen to videos, you are not hearing the deception of NAR. It has apparently been around a long while, but I have never been associated with it. One of the words I heard yesterday was that they were doing things in a very powerful way that would put things back in balance. God showed me a few years ago that when He is working, such as judgments, I was not to try to make things look just and fair in my eyes because His ways are not our ways and I ‘would set things off balance’. This tells me He is in control and He does not need me to try to put His universe in balance. Yes we need to pray, but these prayers are very deceptive.

Jesus taught us how to pray, and it includes God’s will be done. I’ve had two dreams of bad food and that bad food represented deception. In this dark time when churches are closing, people are thirsting for the Lord and anyone willing to teach. They are latching on to the wrong speakers, and the root of this deception knows this. Its sound is very intriguing and anyone without discernment will be drawn in.

Where are all God’s people? He has us confounded so we will look up. God’s word tells us everything we need to see, hear, and speak-line it up. Dwell in His secret place; find that good part. God bless you as you walk with the Lord.

Romans 16:18 1 Timothy 4:1 and 6 2 Corinthians 11:3

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  1. Thank you for posting this. I had a very similar experience with my best friend . ( a life long Christian) Her family has left our church and attend one in a small town near by.

    She had been after me for months to watch the videos they study on Wednesday nights on healing. Something in my spirit, says they are wrong. I tried twice, and turned them off.

    After looking up NAR I think I understand my problem with it. I felt the presenter was twisting the Word. I believe God can heal anyone, but that is not always his will. These teachings were along the line of, He promised it and you must boldly claim it. I have experienced God’s healing touch but I believe his will trumps everything. As I heard someone say recently, “ They have faith in their faith, not in God”. That is exactly what I felt about the teachings at this church.


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