Fear Has Left The Building – 11-25-20

As I see many stand perplexed, I am thankful this morning that the Lord is setting us all straight. We can’t figure Him out, and we’re not sure of His plan right now. He is saying TRUST ME; SET YOUR FAITH IN ME.

We turn to Him and He draws near. Repentance moves in and faith leads the way. A helmet and breastplate strap on, a belt grows tight, and shoes carry us through. A mighty shield stands before us. If you said yes, you are noticing something miraculous has happened. Fear is gone. Faith had no room for it.

Now as we walk in faith with the light of Jesus in us, we help others stand along the way. Christ – the solid rock.

Glory be to the only one true God that shuts the door and commands the wind and the seas!

Matthew 24:27

Mark 14:62

Categories: Devotion

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