Remember the pastors – 7-17-20

I sit and stare at these trees from the prayer swing and it never gets old. I thank God for all His creation and His words that get us through. I hear the birds singing and there is so much peace in these woods. I know how Mary felt when Martha was so busy with preparations. She just wanted to sit at Jesus’ feet. I was like Martha one day and the Lord spoke to me ‘stop some efficiency’.  I had prayed several times for peace. It would come but soon return. Think about it.

But there is also a heaviness in my heart since yesterday. It is a heaviness for the voices of the good pastors, messengers, and prophets – any voices for God being silenced. I heard of one having a church meeting in a back yard so people could sit apart from one another. I’m sure there are many creative ways to assemble. Being together to worship isn’t a requirement, it’s a blessing. It always seems to make my walk a little easier. I carry the words spoken in my heart and it gets me through. If I can’t get to a church I find a good sermon on TV or Internet. It is not quite the same but God meets the need.

So remember the pastors in your town. This is not a time to forget they have families and their lives have been devoted to doing God’s work. I heard a young man say that he prayed that God would bless a person with provisions and he said God told him ‘you bless him’.  In John 5 when Jesus healed the man that could not walk, he did not say ok you are healed. He gave a command.  He said pick up your mat and walk.

Don’t let the voices God speaks through be silenced. When we hear of their troubles, what can we do to help. This is no time for silence. Too many other voices are shouting for control. God showed me in September 2019 that we need to put it all out there. I know I keep repeating this, but it is heavy on my heart. He used beautiful fruit to represent His word and He said put it all out there. Don’t worry about it going bad. It never goes bad. And as we know, it never has. It still to this day brings in the harvest.  It sets the captives free. It brings hope to those that have lost hope. It brings joy that was stolen. It puts a prayer on our lips and gives praise to our Father in heaven. In the dream the Holy Spirit said, they’ll be coming. And ‘they’ wasn’t a good thing. He showed me a pastor that was going through an unimaginable hard time. He said pray and fill the gaps. This pastor was actually going through a very hard time, but I believe the Lord was showing me that this will be all the pastors when ‘they come’.

Stand today in prayer and fill the gaps.  I saw those gaps He was speaking of. The more we get our minds off ourselves the more we can bless others, and in turn be blessed. Contact a pastor in your area and ask what you can do to help. Ask your Chamber of Commerce if they have contacted pastors while they are giving dates and times to donate to certain places. It may be more than money they stand in need of. It may be something you can do. We don’t know until we pick up our mat and walk. In the meantime, pray for the pastors. God bless!

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  1. Wow! What an amazing post! I am a pastor and it makes my heart full to hear words like these directed at the pastors of our cities, states, and communities! Thank you for this!


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