Where the Rubber meets the Road – 7-19-20

This has come to me a few times recently when I hear someone speak about the times we are in and the times coming. This phrase means ‘the moment of truth’. This is the moment we know where we actually stand in Christ-The relationship we have built. Is it a strong relationship that will float in the stormy seas? And not only float but light the way for the boats tossing around in the waves to be able to follow and find Christ.

Some of us have never had our faith severely tested. Some of us have never had our actions tested in severe trials. Some of us have never known if what we have learned from God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit will remain in our hearts in His peace without fear. I imagine there are those with a million followers that don’t actually know until the rubber meets the road. Have we allowed His love and His teachings to remain? Have we ever been in a situation where we had nothing to put faith in but the one true way. Some of us have never seen a time so dark that the only light we had was Jesus. Be anchored before the storm. Be prepared for the Captain’s instructions at any time. Be prepared to follow those instructions without question, which means know His voice. And I take these things to heart especially for me.

A relationship with Jesus is what will get us through anything. Not wavering in our faith as we go through the darkness. A relationship is built before the rubber meets the road, or else there is no hope to float.

John 14:26 Philippians 4:13 Ephesians 6:13

Categories: Devotion

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