Sitting at Jesus’ Feet



I’m finding myself longing to sit with Jesus alone in silence.  I know there is chaos out in the world, but my world is in this swing in the woods and that has been my comfort zone for many years now.  No matter what I hear or see out there, I come back to my prayer swing.  Jesus gives us His peace.  Right now the bees are showing out because they know spring is here.  They don’t bother me and I don’t bother them.  The wind has a nice pleasant breeze, and once in awhile the sun pops out.  The birds are landing on the bird house over the ivy.  They sing a song and fly away.  The grandchildren are running all through the acres in the back field and back again, dust on their faces.  When the day is done I have the couch on the back porch to rest and give thanks.  There’s nothing like a whippoorwill calling at night while the crickets chirp around it.  Thank you Lord for your peace, your provision, and your protection.  But most of all, Your mercy and grace.  We are so blessed.

Family photo

Categories: Devotion

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