Compartment for God


I hear so often ‘she loves the Lord but she just doesn’t talk about it’.  They’re bragging on a person because she keeps God in His place which is on a shelf until she needs Him.  She doesn’t offend.  Its a personal relationship so she keeps it quiet and compartmentalizes Him.

Compartmentalizing is a subconscious psychological defense mechanism that avoids mental discomfort caused by a person’s having conflicting values within themselves.

And I hear so much about God not needing our help.  Keep quiet is what I’m hearing in all these words people say to me.  Just keep quiet.  Do your thing by yourself and keep quiet about it.  Some are so good at that.  They keep God on His shelf like that Christmas elf until they need Him and carry on with life.

It’s like this – You have children and they prefer to go live with Grandma.  Oh they remember you exist once in awhile and they call and say thanks for creating me.  I’m sorry I haven’t reached out lately but I need something – and they hang up.  You sit there wanting fellowship with them.  You love them so much and you want to be in their everyday life.  You don’t want to control them or interfere with their free will.  You just want to be with them.  God is on his shelf until you need Him.  He knows you can’t speak of him because you will offend someone so He waits patiently and quietly.

The Lord spoke to Paul in a vision and told him to keep talking and don’t be silent.  He said I’m with you and no one will harm you.  Acts 18

I come up on so much resistance, but when the Lord speaks through the Spirit, sometimes He is still with me when I’m writing and placing those writings to get them out there.  The Holy Spirit teaches us and when I ask to remember if it was important, He brings it to my memory.  This is not my work.  John 14

But anything going on in this nation and the witches and Satanists are gathered and working together in unity and no more care about what you think than anything.  And they believe in what they are doing.  They see results.  They don’t have compartments.

News sources say this month the hexes and spells cast on Trump and his supporters are growing.  Thousands are gathering.  God’s people just say ‘we don’t have to do anything-God will fight for us’.  Ignore what the bible says about the armor of God or abiding in Him.  That was just put in the bible as a side note for entertainment, but keep it in its compartment.

It’s spiritual warfare.  I don’t care how you slice that pie.  Believers in Jesus Christ need to ban together in armor and on bended knee.  Yes God fights the battles but He gives us our instructions.  Greater is He that is in us than He that is in the world.  When the Holy Spirit touched me, I said yes.  I could never say no.  Deuteronomy 28  Ephesians 6

God bless you!  He loves you so much!

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