The tapestry of life

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There are things in our life that we didn’t like or don’t like now. There are things that brought on pain and grief.

But in all this we are told to count it all joy. In our youth we look at that and we think how can I count this as joy. What about this in my life can be said is joy when it’s bringing me so much pain and so much suffering.

But then we look at the end result. We’ve grown older and we look back at it all. We see the tapestry we call our life.

Then the tears well up in our eyes and we see. All the hurt and heartache. Each rejection and every bad remark made against us. Every turn in the road we missed and every dead end our mistakes led us to.

We realize it made us who we are today. The broken needles and the ripped yarn finally made a tapestry with our name on it. And it’s called wonderful.

Psalm 139:14

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