The Hidden Messenger – 2-11-19


When God began speaking to me more frequently in ways I wasn’t accustomed to, I looked for other people having the same things to happen.  I knew I wasn’t the only one.  Some said they weren’t accepted anywhere and just stayed home and worshipped at home.  Others wrote books and opened you tube channels.  I felt everybody was doing what they felt led to do.  I hope so.  Because when a messenger has something to say, I believe it should be like a bird singing of the Lord with its face hidden behind a branch.  It should not be our face we point to.  None of God’s children should seek personal recognition and praise for anything.

Messengers are nothing any more special in God’s eyes.  All God’s children are special.  He speaks to all of us in different ways and He gives all of us a talent or a job to do.  Staying humble and kind in it is the thing I try to always remember most, and stay in His order of things.  It has made me a little quieter and more reserved because I have to watch my tongue.  When I just blare something out not noticing who is around, I scold myself awhile.  That kind of behavior doesn’t make people not welcome us, it just scares people.

God is perfect in every message He gives to any of His children, and yes, we may misunderstand sometimes because we are not perfect.  But He gives us support groups to help us along the way.  I find that when I pray, the Holy Spirit will, in God’s timing, give me the answer.  It may be a long time down the road, but I will get the answer if I ask in faith and without hypocrisy or pretense for the right reason.  He knows our hearts.  We can’t hide that from Him.  I praise Him every day and thank Him for being the awesome God we serve.




Categories: Devotion

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