Dream of Instructions

Stay The Course Dream – 12-10-22

During the night of 12-10-22, I dreamed I was being led by the Holy Spirit. It was very dark outside and we passed by several people. Some were lying down and not alert, some were sick and people were trying to get them help, and different scenarios like this. The way was rocky at times from going over debris or building materials like wood beams and slats. We went into a place where different people were trying to build different rooms. A person over here would take my arm and try to get me to go into what they were building, and a person over there would try to pull me by my arm to get me into what they were building. I knew to shrug them off of me and keep moving forward with the Holy Spirit.

We went into a place where I saw different family members. Some were grandchildren. Bears began to come in. One of the granddaughters began playing with one of the cubs, but she didn’t realize there was danger. The bears were tearing up everything and I saw the bigger one coming. I knew the small ones could hurt us in their innocent way. I also knew the bigger one knew what it was doing and its strength could cause major damage. I told my granddaughter to let it be because there was danger and a bigger one coming.

I awoke immediately knowing the simple meaning of this dream. Being alert and following the Holy Spirit with a very close relationship to Christ is imperative. There is a lot of deception lulling people away that are not aware, especially young ones. The light of Christ will shine through us in this dark world.

We need to surround ourselves with the scriptures and in prayer. Even in a world of so much confusion and chaos, we can still be in God’s peace and His will. The scriptures below give more revelation.

I thank the Lord for these dreams and visions. He is to get all the praise and the glory.

Galatians 5:16-26 1 John 4:1 2 Peter 2:1-22 John 8:12 Matthew 5:14-16 John 14:26

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