Stay Close to the Lord 1-13-22

Stay close to the Lord and He will lead and guide you. Get under His wing and fully trust in Him, repenting as you go. He warned me recently not to do something. I didn’t understand at the time, but the meaning of that was soon understood. I am so grateful He protects us. We have to be very close to Him so that we can hear that still, small voice. We can’t let the clamor of this world get so loud that it drowns out what He has for us in the way of guiding our path.

This site hasn’t been about just sharing warnings. I enjoy giving encouragement to start the day off on a good step. Even when the Lord is silent, I love to help people wake up to sunshine in the heart and help them see they are not alone. But I don’t even do that unless I feel He has placed something on my heart. And He never warns without giving encouragement, such as staying close to Him. I’ve prayed in the past few months if I should close this site, but I don’t get an answer from the Lord yet.

So if that happens to be the route He takes me, I want you to make sure you know to stay in tune to hear His voice. He loves His children and He never leaves us nor forsakes us. We may stagger a minute as things transpire, but He catches us before we fall. He speaks in so many ways that we have to be ever watching for it. This is not our home, we are just passing through.

Besides just praying from the heart or praying over a prayer list, there are some verses I love to pray to Him every day. It’s like a sweet song to worship Him which He more than deserves. We could never do enough although our heart continuously yearns to do more for Him. These verses speak forth the promises He has given in the bible which is His word alive.

Psalm 23

Psalm 91

Matthew 6:9-13

Look for His words that build up your strength and faith without fear. Look for those that embrace Him from Whom all blessings flow and climb higher. You are never alone.

Categories: Devotion

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