Thankful hearts – 5-24-21

Isn’t it amazing at the different gifts in people. When you meet a person whether it is over the phone or in person, you usually find the gifts in them rather quickly. Some have ways that guide to help us grow. Some give words of kindness and hope where scripture is just a part of their language. Some have powerful prayers where you feel Holy Spirit and the heavenly host. Some teach children and have the patience of a saint. Others cook meals when someone is sick or a family has lost a loved one. Some carry change in their pocket knowing they’ll run into a person in need of a meal. And mindful of those angels unaware. Some give hugs. All these hearts with special gifts going out over the earth in the name of Jesus. Generous spirits with so much love. What a blessing to meet these with so much nurturing and guidance, so much kindness. You see the strength of the Lord in them and His blessings of peace. Thankful hearts.

Categories: Devotion

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