Shield of Faith 10-2-20

The armor of God is not for fighting physically in this world. The armor is for fighting the principalities that come at us. Flaming arrows from the enemy come in different forms. One that is heavy lately is the form of doubts and fears. When these are not contained, they can take a person down. When we feel fear, we will not go forward. It is in our nature to retreat. It is better to know the truth than have tickling ears that don’t prepare the heart and mind or feed the spirit. Reading scripture makes us examine ourselves so that in the day of trouble (spiritual battles in the field), we can stand firm. In the beginning was the Word. The Word was with God, and the Word was God.

A strong shield of faith stands on God’s promises. In a time of fear and doubt, we cannot go by what we feel. That is why it is so important to stop and know that He is God. When we know His promises and we believe, we can take a breath and ask God to take the doubt and fear away. We know the doubt and fear is not warranted. It is just trying to bust our faith.

God’s ways are not our ways. If we try to lean on our own understanding of things, we won’t understand at all. Sometimes things seem so horrible we don’t know how we can get through another day. The shield of faith tells us, sometimes we have to make a mess to get the house clean. God’s plans are for our good and not for evil. He gives hope and not despair. God did not give the spirit of fear. That is a flaming arrow. God gives warnings so we can prepare – in faith. I was told not long ago that there was going to be a wake up call. I knew who it was for. I began to pray because it took me a minute to get the fear out and to trust. We might be knocked about for a second, but our faith steadies us. The wake up call came. It has caused a mess that is cleaning house. If you have a mess, stand back and let God know you trust Him in it. Let Him handle it and praise Him for wake up calls. He will lead you in it.

A bumper sticker on an old car the other day read ‘don’t let the car fool you, my treasures are in heaven’. That is faith – not caring what the world thinks because it doesn’t matter. We have a hope and a promise tucked in that armor of faith made strong through a personal relationship with Christ.

There are pictures of Jesus knocking at a door. The only door knob on those pictures are on the inside. My prayer today is that we all keep a close relationship with the Lord to build faith to sustain us as we stand on God’s promises. The bible is full of them. God bless!

Categories: Devotion

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