Dreams of Encouragement

No light in the church, but God has a plan.

I had a dream in the early morning hours of September 27, 2020.  In the dream I was in a church that was made up of different sections of different churches. The front was like one church while the sanctuary was another and the activity section outside was another. This one church represented the church today as a whole.

The people there were from the different churches being represented.  Some I knew. They were all doing different things. I saw children outside being instructed in an activity by a couple of adults. Inside, some were busy with lunch that was about to start. Some sat around in the sanctuary talking.

I noticed the light was out.  I told a deacon that there was no power in the church.  He gave me something to take to the power company the next day and said to just let them know about it.  The people had no idea at all that the light had gone out of the church. I noticed bowls being used, but they all had holes in them. 

A group of African-American women came in, and one of them I just felt I knew. I felt I had known her for a very long time. The love that radiated off of her was amazing. Her smile was so contagious. She reminded me of Jeremiah 17:7-8.  A verse on my heart for a few days now.

She said that she and the others with her were coming into the churches. She spoke of praying with the church. There was the power of the Lord with them. I was so excited to see them. I believe she represented the remnant with the Holy Spirit – powerful personal relationship with the Lord.

As we worshipped in a smaller room than the sanctuary, I looked up at the ceiling and in a circle were angel warriors. It was incredible. The on-lookers away from us all watched as I looked at each angel in the circle above.  They didn’t see the angel army, so they just looked at me trying to figure out what I was seeing.  But… by them looking in…they were drawn to the light of Jesus. They were drawn to that light that makes us look up. Jesus is where we are gathered in His name and for His glory. What a beautiful name it is.

Each warrior I saw above was like a gladiator warrior and the shields were huge. Mighty in battle, over us in protection. The shields stood out more than anything.

The fourth piece of the armor of God in Ephesians 6 is the shield of faith. Paul tells us to take up the shield of faith to extinguish the flaming arrows of the evil one.  Know the importance of the shield.

I pray we all keep God’s word close to our hearts, the light unto our path. I pray that we the church hold a strong personal relationship with the Lord, our First Love. Don’t let the light go out or faith waver.  In the good times and the trying times, God is still our God. We cannot lean on our own understanding, but trust in Him. I pray we stand firm and stand strong.  God bless!

It was so imperative that I get this message across that as verses stood out, I wrote them down.

Exodus 9:16
Revelation 2:4
Psalm 84:8-12
Luke 8:16
Psalm 80:19
Ephesians 2:8-9
1 Corinthians 16:13
Matthew 18:20

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