Draw Nearer – 8-31-20

I had asked the Lord if I needed to do anything else to prepare for these times we are in. It is apparent this election is going to be what they call ‘off the chain’. I hear this and I hear that but I don’t share if the Lord hasn’t shown me as well, so I didn’t know how to tell anybody to prepare other than anything I had already said. I may share something I see from others with a couple family members but that is all. After I asked the Lord this, I had a very strong peace come over me. I felt in the spirit that it came down from above. I realized it is always good to be prepared for anything that could happen, but it is most important to always draw closer to God.

In the night last night I woke to hearing the song “Draw Me Nearer”. I got up and found the song being sung on you tube and listened to it again.

This morning I felt led to look up the writer of the lyrics. I found that her name was Fanny Crosby. She was born in 1820, and she was blind. She wrote over 8,000 hymns. Sometimes she wrote six or seven a day. She memorized five chapters of the bible every week. She taught school and dedicated her life to supporting the needy. After losses of family and husband in her life, she made her living by writing hymns. She also wrote ‘Blessed Assurance’ and ‘To God Be The Glory’.

There came a time she could not pay her rent. She was going to be evicted. She began to pray and a few minutes later a man she did not know was at her door with ten dollars, the amount of her rent. Later that night she wrote ‘All The Way My Savior Leads Me’. This is a hymn of dependence on God for providing our needs.

I have heard and witnessed stories like God showing up just as we were about to be in trouble over a money matter, then I remembered all the times He has shown me His protection and His provision in different ways.

A pastor asked Ms. Fanny if she had ever been upset that she could not see. She said no, because the first face she will ever see is the face of her Savior.

I will be reading this post again myself. The Lord provides. We need only to trust.

I found this information on a site called ‘Shout on Joshua Braden’. And the picture above is mine.

Philippians 4:19 KJV – But my God shall supply all your needs according to His riches in Glory in Christ Jesus.

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