Just as I am – 2-26-20



This is on my mind lately.

If you are waiting until you are perfect before you have an intimate relationship with Jesus, then you’ll never have one.  There is a song ‘Just As I Am’.  We have no strength or power in and of ourselves, but when we let Jesus in our lives, He changes that.  It’s Him that changes that.  It’s His strength and power.  We can do all things through Christ.  In Him, we see things differently.  We want to do better.  We keep ourselves away from that we see as wrong and we try harder to avoid temptation.  We pray more over everything and we worry less.  He provides a way out.  He desires our prayers.  He desires that we go to be alone with Him.  He knows all about us.  If you have a loving mother or father, do they tell you to wait til you are perfect before you seek them out?  No, their love would not let them do that to you.  And neither does our heavenly father do that.

Seek Him out and have a personal relationship so that when things happen, you already have Him to depend on.  You aren’t trying, in all the chaos, to build a relationship.  You’re already under His wing.  God bless you!

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