Arms of the Angel


When I looked up free pictures of an angel holding a woman, this picture came up.  On my mind for days has been a personal experience with the Lord from years ago.  I couldn’t understand why something so personal was so in front of me now.  I believe it is to bring comfort to so many that are suffering and afraid.

In the biggest struggle of my life, I was pretty much just putting one foot in front of the other.  It’s those times you feel alone and there is no one there.  Some of the struggle was of my making and some wasn’t.  So much and so many came against me that it was just bigger than I was.

I woke in the middle of the night and I was moving.  I couldn’t tell at first what this movement was.  I started realizing I was being rocked.  As the movement continued, I came to realize I was being held like when you hold a child that’s about three or so.

A left arm was under my knees and a right arm held my torso and head as we rocked.  It was a very slow motion that never changed – just rocking back and forth.  The one rocking me was much bigger than this picture though.

My head was facing down against this chest with my eyes closed.  I wanted to see up but I never tried to.  I don’t think I ever opened my eyes but even today I picture a long, plain garment, cream or tan in color, reaching to the floor with long sleeves.  I tried to imagine the stature of this angel, or maybe Jesus, that could hold a grown woman like this.

I was being rocked and comforted.  We truly are in His Hands.  I haven’t shared that with but maybe one person before.  Once we just fall into His arms, He can begin to heal.  We give it all to Him.

I hope this brings comfort to those that are hurting so badly right now.  You are not alone.  Jesus is bigger than any mountain we have to climb or any brick wall that stands before us.  He’s bigger than the enemy that is out to destroy us because the enemy hates our Father so much.  So through Christ we can do all things on our journey home.  We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.

Psalm 91, Philippians 4:13

Desolation March 30, 2018


I began reading chapters in Jeremiah to find where the land was I was shown (previous post Ruin Chaldeans) that had been destroyed to the point even the grass was gone.  It was dark everywhere and only a handful of people were huddled around a barrel.

After I finished reading March 30, I was going to sleep when the words came to me ‘New York City’.

I didn’t read again until April 1, about 1:00 in the morning.  When I read in the night, things are clearer.  I can be trying to put something together and it won’t work, so I wait to get up during the night and it flows.

As I read, a vision I’ve had came to me and I understood each part of the vision through these verses.  The vision was me looking out a small square window.  I’ve seen those windows in pictures talking about watch towers.  Jesus was standing outside with His left arm held out to me.  I’ve never had a vision that clear.  Our eye sight on earth isn’t that good.  From these verses I knew He was saying ‘come out of her’.  The scriptures spoke of the city and the daughter.  Then Jesus was gone and I was looking at a warrior readying his bow.  The side of his face was very scarred.  (this is a previous post)  These scriptures I was reading this night were speaking of the bow.

I saw that face later in the day when I turned on TCM and a movie ‘Exodus: gods and kings’ was on.  The only part I saw was Moses telling the people to put blood on the door posts after he had an argument with Ramses.

I knew in reading the scriptures Jesus was showing me what was coming.  They are readying their bows.  There will be an exodus.

Ramses was one of Egypt’s greatest warriors.  This movie showed Ramses II – the greatest and most powerful.

The scriptures are Babylon, but this vision was telling me to come out of her and the warrior with the bow used in the vision appeared to be Ramses.

I’ve documented times I would feel I needed to go inside and shut the door for a little while until the indignation was passed.

Scriptures are fulfilling.  We do know that is true.

Run to safety – February 23, 2018


A person very close to me that is disabled and sometimes ministers to other disabled and elderly called and asked me to write this dream down.  I will call him Jay.

Jay was outside and he saw darkness all around, as dark as night.  He had a friend arguing with him about if there will be a rapture.  When he sat there looking out at the darkness he thought maybe he had missed the rapture, then he realized no Christians were gone so it hadn’t happened yet.  He knew the darkness represented tribulation that was coming, but not yet here.  In the dream he knew the closeness between him and the tribulation he saw coming was like the space between the rim of a cup.

A yellow jacket stung him and him having a fear of those, he ran.  They began to swarm and he ran harder.  He soon came to an open field that he ran into.  That was his safety.  He could see the enemy all around the outside of this field but they couldn’t get in.  He felt he was supposed to lead others to that safety, but that it wasn’t actually a physical place.

He asked God why he used something to move him that he was so frightened of.  He said God told him that if he hadn’t, then he wouldn’t have moved.

I read Psalm 91 to him and told him I believe that was the place where he was in the dream.  I believe God is going to send something to all His children to move them so that they will run to Him.  There WILL be a rapture.  We must be ready if Jesus comes now AND if He tarries.


Jesus speaks through the Word – 12-28-15

IMG_3278 (1)

On this night it was so stormy and windy we had problems with the roof.  My husband and his brother went up to put a tarp over the area.  I was so scared for them.  I prayed and walked the floor until it dawned on me to look at the bible.  When I opened it my eyes were at John 14:14 KJV – If ye shall ask anything in my name, I will do it.  Opening the bible for a conversation with the Lord is the daily thing to do.

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Speaking from the Heart 1-1-16 3:33am

IMG_3280 (1)

On January 1, 2016, at 3:33am, I wrote what was on my heart:

I loved you enough to die on the cross for you, an agonizing death where I suffered a long time.  Every drop of blood to save you of your sins.  Death could not keep me as it cannot keep you.  When you repented of your sins and asked me into your heart, you accepted my gift to live with me in all eternity in the place I prepared for you.

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Storms Coming – 10/11/2016


IMG_3281 (1)

I dreamed I was with my husband arriving at an old house where other couples were.  We were all settling in.  My attention kept being drawn to the doors.  There were no knobs or handles.  Where there had once been a knob or handle, it was now removed and a piece of wood was shoved in there to cover the hole and it was painted over white like the doors.  The doors would swing, but not completely close or lock.

My husband went out to the car with others and would be back soon.  They kept sitting there so I went out on the porch to ask what were they doing.  He yelled that there’s a storm coming.  I yelled back is it bad?  He said very bad, and it’s coming out of Ohio.

Someone made a comment about the dream that made me look up CERN in Ohio.  There is activity concerning Ohio in an underground location.  It had something to do with the false alien attack people talk about.  The alien attack is not real, just to make that clear.  I found where there is a serpent’s mound under the Ohio River and it is something to do with giants in biblical times.

I never quite understood this, except I do know the only door I’ve seen a picture of without a handle is the one where Jesus is knocking at the door.  There is no handle because the door has to be opened from the inside.

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