Sudden Destruction – Repost with a word


I had given this out but it had come to mind again so I felt I needed to give it out again. I kept delaying because some dreams are not easy to tell. Then one day I heard ‘sudden destruction’. I knew it was about the dream. It was a title for it and a simple word from the Lord as to what it meant. God does not speak unless it is something to grab hold to. He is not like us much speaking people.  Then Brother Searle had a word in November of 2019 that gave explanation to the THIRTY MINUTES and a word of instruction.  God bless.
I looked up sudden destruction in the bible and told the Lord if it keeps coming to mind I will give it out again. I don’t know what made me be so disobedient but I had a dream that got interrupted when someone stepped in front of me and said, ‘Donna, the people deserve to know’. When I first woke I thought, ‘deserve to know what?’ Then I remembered. I didn’t give this dream a date because it has come before me so many times.
So I put it out again. This is the dream:
A family member and I had the first part of the dream on the same night. We were in a room full of people. They were becoming very tired. People were stretched out across the tables and some had their heads resting on the tables. Some were even stretched out on top of the table. In my family member’s dream, they became so tired that some began to leave and that dream for them ended. Key words in this family member’s dream is ‘people began to leave’ as in leave the faith.
My dream continued where I became so tired as well that I struggled to move a person out of the way so I could rest my head as well. I was so tired I didn’t have concern for the person resting on top of the table. I just started shoving them over.
In my dream, a machine of some type started spitting out words on paper. It was loud as you could hear it typing. It wasn’t a quiet fax machine. There may be a military machine like what I heard.
Two men in the room went to the machine and started reading. One tore the paper off the machine and said he didn’t understand why they weren’t aware of that, why they had not already been told. They were talking about something coming out of the sky. I thought ‘are they talking about an asteroid?’
There was a man at the end of my table on my right with his head resting on the table as well. He slowly raised his head and asked, ‘how long do we have?’ One of the men reading from the paper said, ‘THIRTY MINUTES’. (see 2019 word below with scripture about the thirty minutes)
It is important to point out that I had another family member that had a dream where they wanted to know how much time they had and the reply was thirty minutes.
I didn’t know if this was an asteroid or something being fired at us so I looked up the time it would take a missle from Russia to America and it read thirty three minutes. Again, I don’t know if it was an asteroid or what.
I prayed about this dream for weeks before I heard the words ‘sudden destruction’. The bible speaks of it in 1 Thessalonians 5 – … While people are saying “peace and safety”, destruction will come on them suddenly, as labor pains on a pregnant woman, and they will not escape. (it says ‘they’)
The bible speaks of keeping oil in the lamp. Don’t fall asleep or grow tired. We are in His hands. At some point, we will be meeting our Savior in the air – but in God’s timing. God bless and be encouraged. This is not our home. We are just passing through.
In November of 2019 I saw a word given to Byron Searle regarding Revelation 8:1. That verse reads . . . And when he had opened the seventh seal, there was silence in heaven about the space of half an hour. (the thirty minutes)
The Lord told Brother Searle . . . Today I shout out to my people to prepare!! There is coming much destruction, and many of my people who thought they would escape the suffering will be in a daze!!!
The main event is now on the horizon, and only my remnant have heard my voice and readied themselves!
I have been warning My Body for many years, yet because nothing has happened in America, My Body thinks they have plenty of time because there is no war, no turmoil, no major calamities – that all is good with Me!!
I tell you now – – America is a vile Nation that sacrifices its babies and children to Baal! A Nation soaked with drugs and murder! A Nation of deviant homosexual men and women, wanting nothing more than to pollute all people! A Nation who embraces a king that is reflective of their hearts!My son, I am about to bring America to her knees!!I am going to shake my body so hard that they will think the end is here, yet this is but the beginning!!I will show My Body that My Sword will cut asunder their cold, lazy hearts!! Those that call out upon Me, I will fill with My Spirit and turn them hot for the gospel!!
Those that reject Me or curse Me or blame Me will be given over to their reprobate mind, and they will perish!!
My son, I know this is a hard word, but those of My Body must be given every chance to come to Me . . before the Silence in Heaven!
After the Silence is broken, man on Earth will perish very quickly! When I open the Seals of the Scroll, know it has begun, and the time to prepare is over!
Remnant . . continue to help those who did not prepare. Do not think about yourself, for I will sustain you and your family. Show love to those I send to you. Listen for My voice to speak to you. I will tell you who I am sending to My Remnant for help.
My son, My Remnant will be used mightily during this time! They will shine like diamonds, and those I send will see you . . those in the world will not!!
Beware of reprobates! Protect your families and those I have sent! Pray constantly for protection and provisions – – I will give both!!
My son, the days ahead are filled with tribulation for My Body! The devil is angry and will be out to destroy those that follow me!
I love you all very much! I AM coming soon for MY REMNANT!!. Amen. Lord Jesus.
end of word

Filling the Gaps – 9-23-19

IMG_8264 (1)

I had a very powerful dream and woke from it sometime between 2:30 and 3:00 am and wrote a draft. The Spirit further led me to see a you tube on end time gaps by John Fenn from 2018 after I asked for a witness of the words I heard in the dream.

At 11am 9-23-19, I began putting the dream in better format when the Spirit of the Lord came over me and I have never experienced it quite like I did this time. I was warring in the Spirit for Brother Marty Breeden and asking Jesus to surround him and give him His peace and comfort. I did not realize at the time that he was in a crisis.

After experiencing the Spirit this morning as I have, I can definitely say this dream is for NOW!

In the dream I had in the night of 9-23-19, I was with many that were gathering in an open area outside and it was important that everyone meet Brother Marty Breeden. I was introducing him to some that didn’t know him. There was a book or big stack of pages we looked at with Brother Marty as we met with him. The pages were just loosely bound and hand written. Leland was one of his four names on the front page. I don’t remember what the pages held except the cover.

I looked up the name Leland. A site called ‘Behind the Name’ read that the name Leland means fallow ground. Fallow ground is cultivated, idle in the growing season, and effective in destroying weeds.

Every one of us that had gathered began putting out food. It was like market stands built in stadium seat fashion, but there were gaps of empty spaces between some of the stands. If you can picture two beautiful fruit stands together and a gap where there was nothing because a stand was missing, and then three beautiful stands together and then another gap. It went on like this and the stands circled us like a wagon train during enemy attacks.

The Lord began to speak to me in my spirit that we are to fill in the gaps. At first, I was surprised at the words I was saying because I wasn’t hearing a voice tell me these things, and then I realized it was coming in the Spirit and out of my mouth. He was telling us what to fill and where to fill it. He said they will be coming. That sentence is from a previous dream. In the previous dream we were cooking everything and it was being anointed. In this dream we were putting the food out. The food was facing us, and not going out to anyone trying to cause problems. In the previous dream we also saw a future event where Jesus was riding on a white horse and the stars and moons followed. This event was not the rapture.

The Spirit said we will put it all out now and don’t worry that it is going to go bad. It will not go bad. The feeling was like It is top quality, the best of the best. We were working together to make it all happen (filling the gaps) as the Lord willed it. I was speaking all this from the Lord to the people within the walls of all this food surrounding us.

Some outside of our group/work were trying to cause trouble but it was not causing any trouble for us or hindering what we were doing. This tells me the Spirit of God will be heavy on us because these things do affect us at times in our flesh. We saw it all as good. We were able to find some humor in what people outside were attempting to do.

I looked up verses on gaps in the Bible. Amos 9:11-15 was a strong one in my spirit.

I’ve had dreams of bad food that was being fed to the people. God named those dreams The Great Deception. However, the food in this dream was amazing, and for us there were no distractions.

Driving in the car yesterday the thought crossed my mind how some receive the same message even if at different times/years and it’s how we work together. The words are still good. Then there are some words or people talking that we feel or hear ‘don’t listen to it’, and those are not our distractions. God is handling those. It’s not where He has our focus.

This began moving through my spirit last night after the dream =
We are like one satellite dish putting all that God wants out there, led by the Spirit of God. We are not even seeing all of the bad that is coming at us. Angels are warring over that. What we don’t see is not even affecting us.

Servants of the Lord God Almighty are in all fields; pastors, teachers, prophets, evangelists and the caregivers, mothers, fathers, grandmothers, and grandfathers. He knows the good servants and we are bound by His spirit working together for His will. I believe this explains what we were experiencing in this dream. In this dream, we all knew each other as far as the Spirit dwelling within us. There was no one light brighter than the other.

I fell back to sleep and began to dream on these things again. I remember greeting people at different tables and speaking to them but that is all I remember, except when I began to wake up. It was said, not by a person but by the Spirit, ‘his is at a critical point’. I knew this was regarding Brother Marty.

I looked up critical point. There are 5 points listed in this definition. For saving time I will let you look that up.

This is time for prayer warriors to unite. Ask God to give you the words and lead you to His scripture and pray for all the good servants. Attacks are coming from behind. I felt that all day yesterday because it was happening to me. We are being called to war with the angelic realm NOW! At the end of this writing the Spirit of God is flooding over me. I feel His urgency for this to go out. To God be the glory for leading us and no glory to us as we have no light of our own and no power in and of ourselves.

False Flag 6-23-19


I heard Jeff Byerly on you tube this morning speaking about a letter or email he had received.  He made sure the Lord gave him permission before he did.  One thing he spoke about was Philadelphia, PA, having a false flag.  I posted on this site about hearing this location one night.  This location was having flooding so I thought I was to request prayer for that reason.  The portion of the you tube that sent chills up my spine was the portion of Obama coming back, but not in an election.  I have briefly mentioned this on my private fb page, and also on a page I had for awhile on fb listing dreams, visions, and words from the Lord.  I have never put the full dream and the vision within the dream on this site before, although it is mentioned.  Listed below is the full documentation of the dream and vision within the dream that I had in June 2017 while on a technology fast.  Please go to Jeff Byerly you tube to hear his full report regarding False Flag.  This is something to pay attention to.

My dream June 2017 (in reference to above where Obama is coming back)
I was reading where in 12-31-16 the United Nations approved resolution 2334 (again the 23) to divide Jerusalem into two halves, east and west. The ancient eastern half would be given to the state of Palestine. Israel would retain control over the western half. The article also states that in an act of betrayal, the Obama administration orchestrated and approved the UN resolution. The 2016 election of President Trump has given Israel hope the UN resolution will not be enforced. On June 21, President Trump’s Jewish son-in-law, Jared Kushner, met with leaders of Israel and the Palestinians to initiate negotiations. At this point, they have only revealed the most obvious common goals of peace, prosperity, and security.
Before seeing this article – On June 20, 2017, I dreamed I was going to a wedding in a large open field. People were coming from all over. When I got there some large, flat, round wicker type ornaments were hung. Each one had a symbol on it that I’m not familiar with. I don’t remember the symbols other than I think it was a language I’m not familiar with like the Arabic language. I had forgotten something in the field.  A woman asked how I liked the decorations.  It was obvious somebody either didn’t know how to decorate for a wedding or we were here under false pretenses.  I didn’t want to hurt any feelings so I made a brief comment like okay or something.  I believe the woman was just calling attention to the decorations so I would pay attention to what that meant.  I looked up and in the sky came a horse the color of the off-white clouds with Obama on the horse, having the reins. He zoomed in very clearly to me. This became a vision within a dream. I’ve had one like this before and we don’t see this clearly with our earthly vision. Obama was bare chested. Then when the shadow of figures behind him moved out of the way, I could see Trump’s hair, at first like normal, then like in a caricature on the person that at first appeared to be riding with Obama. I remember thinking in the dream that Obama has a rider and those people are doing something to that rider.  I just saw a side-back view, but the head appeared to be dangling in the air. Or maybe it went from side view to back view to call my attention to the fact that it had changed to a caricature.  I didn’t understand why they would ride together.  I saw a post about DNA enhancements and thought of Trump’s head changing from normal to caricature.  This dream has been very disturbing.  I didn’t even post it on here until June 2019.  I at first tried to go by memory and we should never do that.  I went to my original notes and closed my eyes to relive it and give details as I saw them.  Reliving it made my sleep very upsetting during the night with things I saw.

I had told my husband when I woke after this dream that I had prophetic dreams all night and would understand what they meant and everything but I’d wake up and wouldn’t remember any of it. I just knew I’d had them. This one of Obama was the only one I remembered. I had that notion again to get off technology so I had been off a few days and at the beach when this happened. I prayed a lot and later realized the shadow of the people I saw behind Obama were doing something and when they moved aside, that’s when I saw Trump’s head. I don’t know what that means but looks like he was cut off. And maybe those people were a shadow government.  We should not be trusting the left or the right.  Look up. (post updated as stated above) Z3 News shared this and he gives more insight to it.  I will try to copy it later onto here.

I am not saying Obama is the antichrist, but there are many with the antichrist spirit leading the way.

Shut thy Doors – 8-6-18 (repost)

IMG_4444 (1)

This dream has been on my mind very heavily for a few days so I’m reposting.  God bless!


I had a dream after I went back to sleep at 4am this morning.
I heard alarms. They weren’t like the alarms we usually hear. I heard the storm coming outside, and I could hear it was tearing everything up.
I couldn’t see outside because the blinds were closed. The storm was so strong that it sucked everything out of the air. I wanted to look out and I was headed toward the window by my bed, but then was stopped, pulled back, and held down on the bed. I was sitting with my torso held chest down and my head down and turned to the side. I kept trying to get up to get everybody to safety. No matter how hard I tried or what I said, I couldn’t move. I finally stopped trying, and I knew to be quiet and still. It kept being brought to my attention that our youngest grandchild that we are raising was in the bed next to me. He was sound asleep, so I could only be still and hear the noise as I tried to figure out just how it must look outside and hoping it didn’t come in.
At first, I thought it was the storm holding me down. It was so powerful and so strong that I thought the evil in it had contained me. I woke so distressed and thinking ‘oh no, I wasn’t ready and I couldn’t help anybody’. Later in the morning that scene came back to me and a peace came over me and I knew it wasn’t the storm holding me down, it was God protecting me. He let me know the youngest grandchild was safe. If the youngest was safe, then the others in the house were safe. I believe this represented all God’s children that love Him so much being under His protection. He held me quiet and still. He wouldn’t even let me look out. Quiet was emphasized. He will be with us in the storm.

Isaiah 26:20 KJV
Come, my people, enter thou into thy chambers, and shut thy doors about thee: hide thyself as it were for a little moment, until the indignation be overpast. (end of scripture)
I had ‘felt’ it was the enemy holding me down. We have to not go by our feelings during this time, but by what we ‘know’.

Afterwards things had changed. Adults weren’t friendly toward me and they said things behind my back. Things felt different when I went around people standing together and talking. I could see a text one sent to another about me.
I saw a person that didn’t believe in the Bible. She was excited about a battery operated light some were buying. It was a huge box shaped battery with an old fashioned light bulb on the bottom. The box would stick to the ceiling. I believe this represented a false light. People that don’t believe in the Bible will only be focused on the earthly light and the false light offered to them. They won’t realize there is a Light to protect us.
I turned on the radio after dropping the grandchildren off to school and heard an old country preacher say ‘gather the saints’. There was a song afterwards that said ‘not by my power’ and ‘count the world as loss’. I had never heard it before. After these dreams and visions, the Lord always points the way to answers.
Zechariah 4:6 was on my phone in the search engine when I tried to find a song with those words.
Then he answered and spake unto me, saying, this is the word of the Lord unto Zerubbabel, saying, not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit, saith the Lord of hosts.
We have no power over this storm, but we serve a mighty God that does.
I read where trying to act without God stems from the root of pride. I’m thankful when He crushes my pride. I fought pretty hard to handle things myself in that storm before I knew to stop.
I’m thankful for Psalm 91 today. We are no match for what the Bible tells us is coming but it lets us know our God is. Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, will never leave us nor forsake us.

God bless.

It is time – reminder of Sept 2015


I’m reminded this morning of September 2015.  I woke to hearing the congregation in my grandmother’s church singing.  Their sweet voices singing this beautiful song that they sang when I was a little girl sitting on the pew with my Bigma, waiting to eat the chicken pot pie in the picnic basket.  We would get in Grandaddy’s old blue truck and he would gently place the picnic basket in the back.

When I first started hearing the singing, I wasn’t sure what they were singing but I knew I remembered that tune.  Then I heard, ‘Count the milestones one by one, Jesus will forsake you never, it is better farther on’.

Why would I hear that song at that time was my question.  I soon found out the milestones leading up to us going home were quickly passing by.  Notable signs to getting us there – just flying by as we watch.

I looked up the definition of milestones –

  1. a stone set up beside a road to mark the distance in miles to a particular place.
  2. an action or event marking a significant change or stage in development.

New York’s approval of aborting a baby at full term if it means trouble for the mother if the baby is born made no sense whatsoever.  Oh they explained it in terms to make their decision to protect women viable in anyone’s eyes that are closed.  Mine are open, and so is my heart.  This is not right in any form you put it.  You can’t make a word that justifies this.  You can’t explain it away.

So this milestone in our country’s history is one that draws attention to the fact that we are in the times when the Christian has to stop and know that Jesus will forsake us never and it is better farther on.

I woke the morning of the blood moon and knew there were two standing by my bed.  I don’t know if they were angels or what but one said ‘we are waiting for her to choose Jesus’.  I didn’t understand that so I prayed about it and got the answer while working at my desk a couple days ago.  It shocked me when I realized that I will soon be brought before governors and kings for Jesus’ sake, for a testimony against them and the Gentiles.

But take no thought how or what thing ye shall answer, or what ye shall say.  For the Holy Ghost shall teach you in the same hour what ye ought to say.

This grandmother that I sat beside in church is the same one that talked to me when I would stand behind her and comb her long gray hair.  She gave me a warning.  She said ‘one day they are going to try to put a mark on you, don’t take it, don’t let them do that’.

So stand bold saints.  This is not our home.  We have an eternal home bright and fair, and our rooms have been prepared.  God bless and keep the faith.  Hold on to what you know, and not what you feel.  Stand firm on His Word.  Know it in your hearts.  And pray one for another.

There’s another scripture that tells us to go inside and shut thy doors until this indignation pass.  These are things coming to me this week.  It is time.  Cover your doors, cover yourselves and your families.  It is time.

Matthew Chapter 10          Luke Chapter 12          Deuteronomy Chapter 31

Revelation Chapter 13          John Chapter 14          1 Corinthians 16:13

Ephesians 6:18          Isaiah 26:20          Exodus 12:13

God fights our battles – 12-6-18

IMG_5339 (1)

Dream early morning hours of 12-6-18
I was in an arena type building with other people. It was a place like a big crowd would gather to hear a speaker. Some people there were followers of Christ. Some were deceived and could not see but thought they were followers of Christ.
There was a large picture on the wall that was being passed off as Christ, but I knew it wasn’t Christ. It was a cool picture for the younger generation.
There was a long table against the wall under that picture. On that table was a smaller picture of a man, and I knew satan was in control of that man. I’ve seen so many followers of Christ lately be so tormented by this adversary. They are beaten down. And this adversary continues to deceive others and hold them captive by addictions.
I picked up the picture and took it to the toilet. I placed it face down. I said, ‘This is what I think of you and what you do!” I was so angry. I asked, “Why can’t you just worship the one true God? Why do you feel the need to control everything?”
I took the picture out of the toilet and hurled it with all my might toward an open area that stepped down in the building. It landed in an oblong metal tub like a water trough. I walked up to the edge overlooking this open area as others gathered around watching. I saw the man come out of the picture into human form. He was now sitting in the tub with his back to me, but I saw his right hand form a fist. His fist began to shake violently and turn red in color. As he jerked his head around to find me, I stepped back behind the crowd. He was angry but he didn’t come for me.
I stayed back for quite awhile. The crowd wasn’t moving so I thought he must still be sitting in the tub and I must have caused some damage. I was so upset with myself that I had tried to take him on directly and do it my way. I knew better. I found a black object like a rock or piece of coal and hurled it over the area where the tub was. As the object went over the tub, it blasted into tiny pieces. I knew he was still there. I went over to a bench and sat down. I knew I needed to get ready for a battle head on.
A woman walked up to me with two pieces of armor in her hands. She gave me one and let me know I was going to need it. I understood it was to go over my heart. She began putting on hers. I was staring at how this armor was made. My eyes zoomed in on the makeup of it which was some type of a black metal. It reminded me of a chain link fence with its tiny loops connecting so that there was no space between. The woman then gave me a container and said, “Cover the entire armor with this so you won’t be shocked as the armor moves against your body. I only saw the breastplate  I awoke.
Every single day we are in warfare and this enemy’s goal is to wear us down in defeat. We can’t just pray Psalms 91. We have to cover with prayer and the Word of God. All are weary but must choose to stand on God’s side, and stand strong we must. We must have the belt of truth tightly buckled around our waist, the breastplate of righteousness secure, and feet fitted with the gospel of peace. Take up the shield of faith to extinguish every flaming arrow. Hold tight to the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit which is God’s Living Word. Pray in the Spirit; pray for our brothers and sisters; pray for strength and protection.
We must keep our lamps full of oil so that the Light of the Lord shines for others to see. Let no anxious thought or fear take hold, but cast it out immediately.
We are children of God who have been forgiven as we have repented of our sins. We have been saved by the grace of Jesus Christ. God gives us all we need to stand. We cannot fight our way and with our strength.  We have instructions on getting through this life in God’s Holy Word.
After I awoke I keyed in several things to find a picture of this armor that I saw. It is called chain mail – small metal rings linked together in a pattern to form a mesh. Earliest example was found in Romania. Its invention is commonly credited to the Celts, but Etruscan pattern dates from 4th century BCE. It spread to N Africa, Middle East, Central Asia, India, Tibet, SE Asia, and Japan. Herodotus wrote that the ancient Persians wore scale armor, but mail is also distinctly mentioned in the Avesta, the ancient holy scripture of the Persian religion of Zoroastrianism that was founded by the prophet Zoroaster in the 5th century BC. It is still used as a component of stab-resistant body armor, cut-resistant gloves, and wet suits. A description of its wear that I found was – It covered the vital organs, namely, the heart, and was fitted with hooks or buckles that attached it to a thick belt. If the belt was loosened, the breastplate slipped right off.
I was not given specific verses but led to read the Corinthians.
II Corinthians 4:4 – Satan, who is the god of this world, has blinded the minds of those who don’t believe. They are unable to see the glorious light of the Good News. They don’t understand this message about the glory of Christ, who is the exact likeness of God.
II Corinthians 11:14-15 – And no wonder, for satan himself masquerades as an angel of light. It is not surprising, then, if his servants also masquerade as servants of righteousness. Their end will be what their actions deserve.
Other related verses:
Deuteronomy 3:22 – Do not be afraid of them; the Lord your God Himself will fight for you.
Psalm 44:5 – Through You we push back our enemies; through your name we trample our foes.
James 4:7 – Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.
Ephesians 6:13-17 – Therefore put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand. Stand firm then, with the belt of truth buckled around your waist, with the breastplate of righteousness in place, and with your feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace. In addition to all this, take up the shield of faith, with which you can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one. Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God.
Psalm 91

Faith and Discernment 11-12-18

IMG_5105 (1)

In this dream I was walking with my sister through a school hallway.  The walls on both sides were nothing but windows.  The rain outside had caused the grounds to look like lakes.  As we walked the waters began to rock back and forth.  The rocking became so intense that the waves began beating against the windows.  The higher the waves were the faster we walked.  Soon the waves were covering the windows and going over the top of the building.  No matter how hard the waves beat, the glass never broke.

We made it to the gym.  There were people disguised as families in need.  Americans came to mind.  I believe it was Americans trying to force us to give and not that the families were American.  This was an organized event that was going on.  There were tables set up.  We were urged to give and to promise monthly payments to help these people.

I have been praying for discernment so I feel this dream was an answer to these prayers because I began seeing these people in a different way.  They were not even families at all.  I saw their deceitfulness and their hatred.

I agreed to whatever they were doing so that I could escape safely but did that at a minimum.  I felt threatened by the people forcing the giving and the people the money was for.  I reached into my wallet that had bills in it and I pulled out a dollar.  I made the pledge to give another three dollars every month.

I put my money away and left with my bag.  I ran out into the streets and there was no water at all in the streets like my sister and I had seen in the hallway.  It was night now and I noticed one of the people that money had been being taken up for chasing me.  He had seen me put money away and he wanted it.  He wanted everything I had.

I made it to where my husband was standing with other people so the man chasing me disappeared.  He clutched my arms and said, “You didn’t promise anything did you?”  I said, “I had to give a dollar and promise three a month to get away.”

Interpretation – Since what I have been shown are judgments coming at us since September 2017, I believe this was another warning.  I have been shown by waves coming over us in various dreams and by storms coming at us, but that we are safe.  In every dream I have been shown we are safe, and I believe that is the body of Christ that live under Psalm 91.  The reason I believe that is because I was warned in a night vision to put on the Armor of God.  Jesus tells us He will never leave us nor forsake us.  I was also told that besides the fact it is scripture.  So this is very important right now.

My sister was with me when the waves were crashing over but she never spoke.  I believe she represented an angel.  She was with me until I was in the gym.  I don’t remember seeing her again.

I was told to read the story of Hezekiah not long ago.  He paid for protection and that was wrong.  I believe in that gym I paid for protection to get me out of there instead of trusting God to take care of me.  No matter that I paid, I was chased and the man didn’t stop until I reached my protector.  My husband was the symbol of my protection under God.  I woke as he said, ‘you didn’t promise them anything did you?’  The people, groups, or government that organized this are trying to force this on us.  Pray for discernment now more than ever.  God answers prayer.

It was put on my heart to read a chapter in the bible that same morning that I believe was for something different that I will post later.

Scriptures that pertain to this particular dream are:

Isaiah 51:15    Hebrews 4:12    Psalm 91    Joshua 1:9