CV Vision – 3-1-20


I woke at 3:00 am on 3-1-20 to see a vision of what I knew was under a microscope.  I then saw the words coronav2012 and then coronavirus2012.

I looked up the virus under microscope and saw this heading in the Washington Post.  It is the picture I saw in the vision.  I then looked up the virus in 2012 and there actually was one but it was Corona Virus MERS.  The articles I saw were World Health Organization,, and  This 2012 virus speaks of originally being from Saudi Arabia.  It is believed to be from bats that transferred to camels that transferred to humans.  The bats carry these viruses but how it is transferred to other animals is unknown.  A video put out a few days ago of scientists speaking on this say the spread from animals is possible but we need to wait on current confirmations.  Past articles spoke of cats, pigs, and other animals.  When cooking the meat, the bacteria is killed, but handling while raw is the problem.

It has come to me the past few days with dreams and visions back to back that these dreams and visions must be connected and that we need to pray the spread does not warrant a quarantine to the point of martial law.  That is my sense in all this.  If you read the last two dreams and these visions, it makes you feel the need to pray about this spread we are seeing and what it can tear down other than the lives of our loved ones.  Some are saying it is nothing and almost no cases compared to flu deaths and others are saying they see something in the spiritual eyes that warrants serious intercessors being called to prayer.  I felt led to look up democracy just before I looked at the Washington Post again and for the first time saw the words written under the origin of the article “Democracy Dies in Darkness”.

The Guardian just this morning put out an article about more cases in the UK, USA, Australia, and Thailand.

As children of the most high God, we put our trust and faith in no other person or thing.  We, therefore, pray without ceasing with scripture on our lips and in our hearts.  We have no fear for what the morrow may bring.  We do not feel we are better than anyone else as accused, but quite to the contrary.  We humbly bow before our Lord and Savior and the divine plan of our Father in Heaven.  We wake awaiting to be led by the Holy Spirit throughout our day and night.

I pray this is seen by those our Father knows will intercede in prayer.  I pray it is not taken down.

Philippians 4:6 – Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God.

Isaiah 46:3 – Hearken unto me, O house of Jacob, and all the remnant of the house of Israel, which are borne by me from the belly, which are carried from the womb (I did not mean to put this one up. It was my mistake but maybe God’s will so I left it up.)

Isaiah 26:3 – Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee.

Destruction Dream – 2-29-20


I dreamed I was with some people that I had a strong common bond with.  It wasn’t family or friends.  There had been destruction.  Something had been torn down.  I don’t know where I was, but Big Ben came to my mind while I was dreaming.  There was such a sadness, but we were not crying.  It was like there were no tears left to cry.  We took a window out of the destruction and removed it from the frame or casing.  We began to draw on it.  For some reason I drew a train.  We knew this window would never be used again.  We knew this window was called Liberty.

We took another window and began to draw on it.  We knew it would never be used again.  The atmosphere was so somber.  No one ever spoke in this dream.  We knew this window was called Freedom.

I woke with the same overwhelming sadness that I felt in the dream.  All morning the song about silence has been coming to me: – and the people bowed and prayed to the neon god they made.  And the sign flashed out its warning in the words that it was forming and the sign said ‘The words of the prophets are written on the subway walls and tenement halls.  And whispered in the sounds of silence.’

I remember thinking about Big Ben in the dream. As I write I remember I had asked the Lord to speak to me more about that dream. Just before the dream of Big Ben, I had heard ‘an event will stop Big Ben’.  Please join me in praying against any plots or schemes by the enemy.

Big Ben – word and dream 2-26-20

IMG_0424 (1)

2-26-20 early morning hours

I was brought out of an insignificant dream to hear ‘an event will stop Big Ben’. This has happened to me a few times in the past. I immediately wake up. I thought that I must have heard something about Big Ben recently and just didn’t remember.
I went right back to sleep and was writing down ‘an event will stop Big Ben’. My husband took the paper and made a fist around it. I knew he didn’t want me to tell it. I went to the area of Big Ben anyway and told people about what I had heard.
I was with these people I had told in a building across from Big Ben and looking out the windows toward the tower. We saw a few people go in at different times. I remember one person was very large in stature wearing a dark blue suit and he stood out to me.  I didn’t have a comfortable feeling about him. We had to look up to see the street so we were in a basement, underground, or the windows are just high in that first floor. We were very afraid but went out the side of the building anyway. For some reason we were very afraid of being seen from the tower so we ducked back inside.
I woke trying to figure out how I came to dream about Big Ben. I didn’t know anything about it other than being a famous tower in another country. I began to search it out and search out anyone else having anything at all about this tower. I did learn that Big Ben is actually the bell. The tower (Elizabeth) has been under renovation, but the bell has not been completely silent and the clock has continued to keep time. The clock faces have been painted dark blue with the white already there so I’m assuming that at some point one face at a time had to be stopped for this painting. At least this is what I read and saw in videos.
I found that there is a person that has received messages regarding Big Ben and he is One of his messages was regarding the tower being hit. That one seemed to be more in line with mine since that would cause Big Ben to stop.
Another person named Charlie Shamp (unfamiliar to me) gave a prophecy and whomever was telling this on you tube said it has been fulfilled but I’m not so sure. The you tube is dated 2017. They said it was fulfilled when Big Ben went under renovation, but it hasn’t completely stopped chiming or telling time during the renovations. This is what was written for the prophecy – Keep your eyes on Big Ben. Something supernatural is about to be seen. The Lord said my eye is upon this land and my hand upon the nation’s time. A Kairos moment is about to come. I will cause a sign to come from Big Ben that will mark the moment that I have changed the time and season for the nation of England and city of London. Everything will stop and people will turn to see and hear. Tell my people to mark the moment when it comes to pass for it will be sign of great change for the land.
There is an old man on you tube that said the times of Germany, the blitz dark days, couldn’t even stop the chiming. He said the hands might have shaken a bit but it didn’t stop. Even the House of Commons was hit. He said something at the end that really struck a chord with me – the chimes of freedom.
There is another person that said he had something in the past regarding Big Ben but he will have to go back through notes and find it.
I’m praying for the people of London and their chimes of freedom. This is one word and dream I can say was definitely not my thoughts or words. I am ashamed to say I was not at all familiar with such a place that means so much to so many people. My devotional scripture brought comfort after I wrote everything down.
Deuteronomy 29:29 The secret things belong unto the Lord our God: but those things which are revealed belong unto us and to our children for ever, that we may do all the words of this law.
Psalm 32:8 I will instruct thee and teach thee in the way which thou shalt go: I will guide thee with mine eye.

Things I have been given warnings about before that took place are hurricanes in the gulf of Mexico for the east and west side, destruction in California, and destruction that took place in Hawaii.  These warnings began in 2015 as words, dreams and visions.

To God be the glory for we have no strength or power in and of ourselves.  He alone is to be praised.

Note: 2-17-20 I went to sleep and when I woke I was hearing submarine pings. Pings like you hear underwater from a submarine. Then I heard an alarm that was a constant alarm, a constant sound without waver to another pitch.

NIV vs KJV – 2-17-20


I’ve been hearing people say those that talk up KJV are ridiculous and shouldn’t be that way.  I use KJV.  It has been my same bible for over 40 years so we’ve become old friends.  I’ve never argued with anyone that was constantly arguing about different bibles.

BUT…the Lord has spoken to me and a sister in Christ within the past twelve months about fasting and praying – even gave us verses to read about it.  He said ‘this kind can only come out with fasting and praying’.  I’ve documented that on this site.

I looked up a verse on my phone.  My phone just happened to pull it up in NIV and I didn’t care but as I read – it only said praying.  It didn’t say praying and fasting.

My sister in Christ distinctly heard the Lord say ‘fasting and praying’.  Why leave out a word that goes with another word for healing?



Repost of Protection from 3-11-18


I had called this Deception B4 Rapture.  Yes, that was true, but the main thing was the light to get what we need from while walking in the darkness of deception before the rapture.  It stayed on my mind to repost this and this morning two other sisters in Christ had similar dreams with the same meaning so that was my confirmation.

On March 11, 2018, I dreamed I was walking with two grandchildren. We had left some people that were going to sleep. (There are many going to sleep these days.) We walked into a land that was something like Alice in Wonderland. We would meet creatures or see abandoned rides like in an abandoned theme park. The land was dark and dreary. There was no color anywhere, and nothing was as it seemed. We would see a light in an abandoned home and would be able to go in for food or rest, whatever we needed, then move on. Sometimes we would find a ride that was functioning and could get on it like a slide to go faster or something we could sit on to move quicker, and there would be another light in an abandoned home that we could go into, then move on again. There were others on rides but no one laughing. I would pick up trash here and there but there was no place to dispose of it, and nobody else cared or wanted to talk about it. It was as if they just rather ignore it.
I saw the grandchildren’s mother and she was trying to tell me something. She passed away years ago so I knew she wasn’t supposed to be there. Nothing there was real, except the light in the abandoned homes.  If I had not known her face before me then was a deception, I could have been led into another direction.
This land was full of deception and people I saw were like the old saying – Asleep. They just hadn’t laid down yet.
The children and I were separated a bit, but as I began to walk toward what I felt was the center of this place, I saw the children again. They were walking toward the center and there were a few others that made it. We were finally out of that dark and dreary place of deception.
When we got to the center, it was very colorful. We looked up as the sky changed. It appeared as if we were standing at the bottom of a pool and looking up to the sun beyond the water’s surface. There weren’t many of us gathered there, but I saw the lady in front of me as her arms left her side and flew upward, then she was gone. It was as if she were shot out of a cannon. Then a small person went up and the water or air made a swirl behind her in the shape of a heart. Someone close by yelled ‘that was one of the angels’! I believe they may have been speaking of the children but I don’t know. Then my arms left my side and flew upward, and I was gone. I felt myself going very fast, then I woke. I know we will meet Jesus in the clouds as scripture says.
On March 12, 2018, my dreams were all about rapture. One door would open and I would hear ‘almost home’. Another door would open and I would hear ‘catch away’. I dreamed all night of rapture but the only memory I have of that night were the doors and what I would hear as they opened.
I thought I had heard the phrase ‘catch away’ before but couldn’t remember. I looked it up to make sure it was biblical. I found it in Matthew 13, specifically 19-21. A commentary said that some may have started out as being an excited Christian and just fell asleep or abandoned it. Maybe the hardship or persecution was too much. The scripture explained the dreams.
The main thing for the body of Christ is to stand strong. I kept thinking when God’s children are gone, there will be no light left. The only light we have in us is the light of Jesus.
On April 15, I saw a comment about we are in the time of deception. This dream is symbolic of God’s protection and provision when we went into the lighted, abandoned homes. Because of that we made it through and persevered. Our ears and eyes were open to His leading and He led us out. He took us home. I’ve had more on that and have seen more on that so it’s being called to our attention. May God bless and keep you in all your ways as you lean on Him with hope, faith, and trust.
Psalm 27:11 2 Chronicles 7:15 Proverbs 3:5-6 Psalms 28:7 Matthew 6:25 Deuteronomy 28 Psalm 91

Sudden Destruction – Repost with a word


I had given this out but it had come to mind again so I felt I needed to give it out again. I kept delaying because some dreams are not easy to tell. Then one day I heard ‘sudden destruction’. I knew it was about the dream. It was a title for it and a simple word from the Lord as to what it meant. God does not speak unless it is something to grab hold to. He is not like us much speaking people.  Then Brother Searle had a word in November of 2019 that gave explanation to the THIRTY MINUTES and a word of instruction.  God bless.
I looked up sudden destruction in the bible and told the Lord if it keeps coming to mind I will give it out again. I don’t know what made me be so disobedient but I had a dream that got interrupted when someone stepped in front of me and said, ‘Donna, the people deserve to know’. When I first woke I thought, ‘deserve to know what?’ Then I remembered. I didn’t give this dream a date because it has come before me so many times.
So I put it out again. This is the dream:
A family member and I had the first part of the dream on the same night. We were in a room full of people. They were becoming very tired. People were stretched out across the tables and some had their heads resting on the tables. Some were even stretched out on top of the table. In my family member’s dream, they became so tired that some began to leave and that dream for them ended. Key words in this family member’s dream is ‘people began to leave’ as in leave the faith.
My dream continued where I became so tired as well that I struggled to move a person out of the way so I could rest my head as well. I was so tired I didn’t have concern for the person resting on top of the table. I just started shoving them over.
In my dream, a machine of some type started spitting out words on paper. It was loud as you could hear it typing. It wasn’t a quiet fax machine. There may be a military machine like what I heard.
Two men in the room went to the machine and started reading. One tore the paper off the machine and said he didn’t understand why they weren’t aware of that, why they had not already been told. They were talking about something coming out of the sky. I thought ‘are they talking about an asteroid?’
There was a man at the end of my table on my right with his head resting on the table as well. He slowly raised his head and asked, ‘how long do we have?’ One of the men reading from the paper said, ‘THIRTY MINUTES’. (see 2019 word below with scripture about the thirty minutes)
It is important to point out that I had another family member that had a dream where they wanted to know how much time they had and the reply was thirty minutes.
I didn’t know if this was an asteroid or something being fired at us so I looked up the time it would take a missle from Russia to America and it read thirty three minutes. Again, I don’t know if it was an asteroid or what.
I prayed about this dream for weeks before I heard the words ‘sudden destruction’. The bible speaks of it in 1 Thessalonians 5 – … While people are saying “peace and safety”, destruction will come on them suddenly, as labor pains on a pregnant woman, and they will not escape. (it says ‘they’)
The bible speaks of keeping oil in the lamp. Don’t fall asleep or grow tired. We are in His hands. At some point, we will be meeting our Savior in the air – but in God’s timing. God bless and be encouraged. This is not our home. We are just passing through.
In November of 2019 I saw a word given to Byron Searle regarding Revelation 8:1. That verse reads . . . And when he had opened the seventh seal, there was silence in heaven about the space of half an hour. (the thirty minutes)
The Lord told Brother Searle . . . Today I shout out to my people to prepare!! There is coming much destruction, and many of my people who thought they would escape the suffering will be in a daze!!!
The main event is now on the horizon, and only my remnant have heard my voice and readied themselves!
I have been warning My Body for many years, yet because nothing has happened in America, My Body thinks they have plenty of time because there is no war, no turmoil, no major calamities – that all is good with Me!!
I tell you now – – America is a vile Nation that sacrifices its babies and children to Baal! A Nation soaked with drugs and murder! A Nation of deviant homosexual men and women, wanting nothing more than to pollute all people! A Nation who embraces a king that is reflective of their hearts!My son, I am about to bring America to her knees!!I am going to shake my body so hard that they will think the end is here, yet this is but the beginning!!I will show My Body that My Sword will cut asunder their cold, lazy hearts!! Those that call out upon Me, I will fill with My Spirit and turn them hot for the gospel!!
Those that reject Me or curse Me or blame Me will be given over to their reprobate mind, and they will perish!!
My son, I know this is a hard word, but those of My Body must be given every chance to come to Me . . before the Silence in Heaven!
After the Silence is broken, man on Earth will perish very quickly! When I open the Seals of the Scroll, know it has begun, and the time to prepare is over!
Remnant . . continue to help those who did not prepare. Do not think about yourself, for I will sustain you and your family. Show love to those I send to you. Listen for My voice to speak to you. I will tell you who I am sending to My Remnant for help.
My son, My Remnant will be used mightily during this time! They will shine like diamonds, and those I send will see you . . those in the world will not!!
Beware of reprobates! Protect your families and those I have sent! Pray constantly for protection and provisions – – I will give both!!
My son, the days ahead are filled with tribulation for My Body! The devil is angry and will be out to destroy those that follow me!
I love you all very much! I AM coming soon for MY REMNANT!!. Amen. Lord Jesus.
end of word

Filling the Gaps – 9-23-19

IMG_8264 (1)

I had a very powerful dream and woke from it sometime between 2:30 and 3:00 am and wrote a draft. The Spirit further led me to see a you tube on end time gaps by John Fenn from 2018 after I asked for a witness of the words I heard in the dream.

At 11am 9-23-19, I began putting the dream in better format when the Spirit of the Lord came over me and I have never experienced it quite like I did this time. I was warring in the Spirit for Brother Marty Breeden and asking Jesus to surround him and give him His peace and comfort. I did not realize at the time that he was in a crisis.

After experiencing the Spirit this morning as I have, I can definitely say this dream is for NOW!

In the dream I had in the night of 9-23-19, I was with many that were gathering in an open area outside and it was important that everyone meet Brother Marty Breeden. I was introducing him to some that didn’t know him. There was a book or big stack of pages we looked at with Brother Marty as we met with him. The pages were just loosely bound and hand written. Leland was one of his four names on the front page. I don’t remember what the pages held except the cover.

I looked up the name Leland. A site called ‘Behind the Name’ read that the name Leland means fallow ground. Fallow ground is cultivated, idle in the growing season, and effective in destroying weeds.

Every one of us that had gathered began putting out food. It was like market stands built in stadium seat fashion, but there were gaps of empty spaces between some of the stands. If you can picture two beautiful fruit stands together and a gap where there was nothing because a stand was missing, and then three beautiful stands together and then another gap. It went on like this and the stands circled us like a wagon train during enemy attacks.

The Lord began to speak to me in my spirit that we are to fill in the gaps. At first, I was surprised at the words I was saying because I wasn’t hearing a voice tell me these things, and then I realized it was coming in the Spirit and out of my mouth. He was telling us what to fill and where to fill it. He said they will be coming. That sentence is from a previous dream. In the previous dream we were cooking everything and it was being anointed. In this dream we were putting the food out. The food was facing us, and not going out to anyone trying to cause problems. In the previous dream we also saw a future event where Jesus was riding on a white horse and the stars and moons followed. This event was not the rapture.

The Spirit said we will put it all out now and don’t worry that it is going to go bad. It will not go bad. The feeling was like It is top quality, the best of the best. We were working together to make it all happen (filling the gaps) as the Lord willed it. I was speaking all this from the Lord to the people within the walls of all this food surrounding us.

Some outside of our group/work were trying to cause trouble but it was not causing any trouble for us or hindering what we were doing. This tells me the Spirit of God will be heavy on us because these things do affect us at times in our flesh. We saw it all as good. We were able to find some humor in what people outside were attempting to do.

I looked up verses on gaps in the Bible. Amos 9:11-15 was a strong one in my spirit.

I’ve had dreams of bad food that was being fed to the people. God named those dreams The Great Deception. However, the food in this dream was amazing, and for us there were no distractions.

Driving in the car yesterday the thought crossed my mind how some receive the same message even if at different times/years and it’s how we work together. The words are still good. Then there are some words or people talking that we feel or hear ‘don’t listen to it’, and those are not our distractions. God is handling those. It’s not where He has our focus.

This began moving through my spirit last night after the dream =
We are like one satellite dish putting all that God wants out there, led by the Spirit of God. We are not even seeing all of the bad that is coming at us. Angels are warring over that. What we don’t see is not even affecting us.

Servants of the Lord God Almighty are in all fields; pastors, teachers, prophets, evangelists and the caregivers, mothers, fathers, grandmothers, and grandfathers. He knows the good servants and we are bound by His spirit working together for His will. I believe this explains what we were experiencing in this dream. In this dream, we all knew each other as far as the Spirit dwelling within us. There was no one light brighter than the other.

I fell back to sleep and began to dream on these things again. I remember greeting people at different tables and speaking to them but that is all I remember, except when I began to wake up. It was said, not by a person but by the Spirit, ‘his is at a critical point’. I knew this was regarding Brother Marty.

I looked up critical point. There are 5 points listed in this definition. For saving time I will let you look that up.

This is time for prayer warriors to unite. Ask God to give you the words and lead you to His scripture and pray for all the good servants. Attacks are coming from behind. I felt that all day yesterday because it was happening to me. We are being called to war with the angelic realm NOW! At the end of this writing the Spirit of God is flooding over me. I feel His urgency for this to go out. To God be the glory for leading us and no glory to us as we have no light of our own and no power in and of ourselves.