Miracles – 4-23-20


Some are seeing chaos, destruction, and confusion.  I know a couple that stood in their hallway while a tornado took their house from them, except for the hallway.

Some are seeing hatred and protesting in the streets.  I know a young man that in the midst of all the evil in the world, gave his life to Christ.

Some are seeing death of their loved ones and no way to have a funeral.  I saw a young woman morn her 103 year old grandmother, but praised God that her children were blessed to know her.  Her life was a testimony of the love of God and everyone that knew her was blessed.

Some are turning to alcohol and drugs as darkness is covering our nation.  I saw a young woman overcome addiction to care for and think of someone besides herself.

Some are having abortions because their hearts can’t see a baby deserves a life.  They don’t trust that God will make a way.  I saw a young woman giving birth in a car while having a car accident.  The officers did not give up until they found the baby.  It was tucked in a small space under the back seat, resting peacefully.

Some are not believing in anything of God or seeing His hand in anything at work.  I saw a young man get off a four wheeler one minute before the driver took off again and crashed and flipped.  It would have crushed the young boy that stepped off one minute before the accident.

Every single day I am looking at the Word of God to hear Him speak.  Every single day He is speaking.  Seek His face to see His hand at work.

He is speaking every day as I look at His word.  This is what He is showing me.

Come ye yourselves apart into a desert place, and rest a while…Mark 6

……I am with you, saith the Lord……Haggai 1:13

Believe ye that I am able to do this?……According to your faith be it unto you….Matthew 9

Thou wilt shew me the path of life: in thy presence is fullness of joy; at thy right hand there are pleasures for evermore.    Psalm 16

Be blessed.  Be encouraged.  See the miracles of His hand.  And be grateful we are in it.

God bless you and your families!

(pictures taken at my barn)

God’s Peace and Promises 3-11-20

IMG_0056 (1)

I found it hard today not to get caught up in this craziness all around.  I think I even scared a couple people myself.  I thought this can’t happen .  I headed to the store so my granddaughter could pick out her birthday present.  I looked up and said a little prayer.


While in the store, an elderly lady that was bent over in stature kept going through her purse to find her money.  I quietly asked the clerk to ring her things with mine.  I don’t normally tell these things but God had a purpose for this.  The sweetest little lady I’ve ever seen put her arms around me and told me God is going to bless me a million fold.  I told her He already has.  This was his instruction to me of what I need to be mindful of.


I looked up as I was driving back home and saw an angel in a cloud.  As she glided with the wind I saw she had wings and her hands were in praying position.  It was all I could do to hold it together.  God’s peace flooded over me like a river.  His peace is there for the asking and remember to pray without ceasing.  He gives His angels charge over us.


I was then reminded of a vision-like dream I had October 6, 2018.  I found myself holding onto an iron farm triangle bell.  I looked down and knew if I didn’t hang on I would fall.  I looked back up and heard ‘hold on’!  I knew the three corners were God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.


I just thanked the Lord and praised His Holy Name for letting me see Him again today.


(Picture taken by family member.)

Eye of the Storm 2-28-18


This dream from 2-28-18 was very powerful.  It told of things to come, but the last part of the dream gave so much encouragement.  The battle is already won.

The dream began with me riding in a small boat.  I kept to my lane on the flooded road and boats coming in the opposite direction kept to their lane as we would in a car.  As I reached anything sticking up out of the water, as a fence post, I would place money or food on it so anyone coming along behind me that needed it could take it.

I stopped at a multi-story abandoned building that had been set up for use because of this flood.

The first room I went to had a couple young girls in it and they showed me the small tags on necklaces they had been given so they could get food.  They were not at all worried and were very content.  The numbers were four digits.  The first one started with 36 but I couldn’t remember the rest.  The other one was 4760 and it stood out to me.  This was not the mark, but it showed me the famine after the floods.

There were a few people in the next room.  It was being used to make frozen pizza or anything quick someone may come in and need.  My neighbor was discouraged because she wasn’t getting much money at all for the food.  I asked if my youngest grandson had given much and she shook her head no.  I told her I’d be back and bring her more money.  I looked down at the desk in front of her and saw a basket of keys.  I knew they belonged to the taxis on the street that could not run.

The next room was full of red-headed graduates in their caps and gowns.  One was to my left standing with my family that is in the educational field, good Godly mentors.  That graduate was excited to make bishop and was going to enjoy his calling.  He was so relaxed and friendly with a sweet smile of contentment on his face.  The others to the right stood without educators.   They were not content with their calling of bishop and were anxiously stressed to move beyond that.  Much later I read Titus 1:7 – ‘For a bishop must be blameless, as the steward of God; not self-willed, not soon angry, not given to wine, no striker, not given to filthy lucre.’  Those standing alone did not receive the leading and education from the Holy Spirit that was indwelled in the one so content.

I left this dream for another where I appeared to be riding on white caps on an angry sea.  I was not afraid, just trying to figure out where I was going.  I soon saw what appeared to be a sink hole.  As the angry sea churned faster and faster I began to move faster and faster.  I found myself actually coming up on the eye of a hurricane.  The picture above is exactly what I was riding on.  The eye of a hurricane is the most peaceful place to be.  Get into the eye with Jesus and don’t focus on the storms.

May 2, 2018, I Heard ‘things will never be the same again’.

I asked for scripture after my dream and was given Isaiah 29.  I was later led to Acts 20.  I pray we walk in faith without fear and give God all the praise and glory for He alone is worthy.

The first time I posted this is earlier on this site and includes commentary that connects scripture with dream.  Thank you


Treasures of the Snow – 1983

IMG_2315 (1)

I have shared this so many times over the years.  The first end-time dream, as I call it, was when I was in my twenties. It was actually more than one dream back-to-back but they go together. After that I didn’t have one for about thirty years. I didn’t know much about Sunday School lessons growing up and I couldn’t pay attention in our little country church for smelling the fried chicken in the kitchen behind the pulpit.  This dream tells a miraculous story of God’s protection and provision.
At the time of this dream, I didn’t fully understand some of it, but as time passed by I learned. It is posted on this site a couple times.  It tells of how, in the dream, I was in town with other people at night. I looked up at a huge tree and through its bare limbs I could see where a face had formed as I looked at the moon through the limbs. The face had a bald head. I started calling attention to it to first one person and then the other. No one seemed interested and no one could see what I was talking about at all. I knew it was the antichrist.
There were men that were very angry at what I was doing. I don’t know who these men were but they began coming after me. They chased me so hard I ran down a narrow dirt road and wound up crossing over a fence and going into a pasture. One drove an old blue pickup truck and rammed through the fence and never slowed down. I finally made it to a small white church where I walked through the door to find people sitting on backless benches. They were mesmerized with their faces positioned straight ahead and their eyes wide open but not seeing. I was yelling so loud but they couldn’t see me or hear me.  They didn’t even acknowledge that I was there.
I suddenly found myself with a group of women and children. None of us knew each other. No child knew any adult and no adult knew any child. We were in a metal-type building like you see the gyms at the churches now. There were troops outside that wore uniforms and spoke a different language. I don’t believe I had a good image of the uniform or language.  We had two at our building. As the weather began to turn cold, I and other women began to gather sticks outside to place on the floor inside and start a fire to warm the children. We picked up small sticks at the edge of the trees.  The troops became so angry they slapped the sticks from our arms and yelled something in their language.
As the other women and I stood just outside the building, the Lord spoke to an older woman that was with us. I don’t know who the woman was, but I remember telling the other ladies that she said God told us to bring down the snow from the mountain. We didn’t question this at all. We brought down the snow from the mountain and we covered the floor of this metal building inside with it. As we finished covering the floor, we could feel that the snow had turned warm on the underside. As the troops continued to laugh at us for our crazy work we were doing, we placed the children and babies under this snow as a blanket of protection from the cold. The babies and children didn’t even get wet from it.  The Lord had truly prepared a table for us before our enemies.  He provided what we needed in a way that our enemy was totally blind to it.  I never remember feeling hungry in the dream either.
In the next scene, I was running from gunfire. I ran through the parking lot and was able to grab hold of a door knob on a vehicle and hang on with my feet suspended. The gunfire was all around, even coming under the vehicles. Suddenly, the sky lit up so bright in color that I looked up and saw Jesus coming down. I ran so fast and so hard toward Him yelling ‘Thank God!  Thank God!  Thank God!’. As His face turned toward mine, a feeling of love that I had never known came toward me from Him. It was an unconditional love so overwhelming that it took my breath away and woke me up in shivers and tears.
Over the years, I have found so many verses for so many scenes in this dream. They are posted throughout the site.  Sometimes I will read a verse and know it goes with it. The most amazing connection was just a few months ago when I read a verse in Job that spoke of the treasures of the snow.
Job 38:22-23
Hast thou entered into the treasures of the snow? Or hast thou seen the treasures of the hail. Which I have reserved against the time of trouble, against the day of battle and war?
I found a site called idahobaptist.com that speaks of these treasures where the author says the snow he was shoveling hit him in the face and prompted him to research the snow verses in the bible. Proverbs 25:13 – As the cold of snow in the time of harvest, so is a faithful messenger to them that send him: for he refresheth the soul of his masters.
Sometimes someone can point out something we missed. The author said that with the verses of snow in the old and the new testaments, the new shows the Lord’s glory. Hast thou entered into the treasures of the snow? The treasure isn’t the diamond, but where the diamond is kept.

I recently heard a woman speak of her miracle in the holocaust.  She was very young as she followed her family.  The troops were marching them to the concentration camp.  Her mother quickly picked her up as they walked near a neighbor’s fence and threw her over to the other side.  The guard that saw this turned his head as if it didn’t happen.  She slept in a barn that night and was able to get to an orphanage.  She had a lot to overcome being there but she was alive.  Her family gathered around her in her old age after her husband passed and asked was she lonely.  She said no, Jesus fills every inch of this apartment.

Trust in the promises that Jesus has given us in the scriptures.  If you don’t have a bible, you can search ‘promises of Jesus verses’.  Go to the secret garden.  He’s already there.  God bless you and may He give you His peace.

Photo:  I took this photo one day.  If you look closely, you can see Jesus and lightning coming from His hands.  There is also a candlestick and others standing around Him.

Protection dream from 4-28-16


On April 28, 2016, I had a dream where I was standing in the woods and looking up at the sky in the distance. That part of the sky was over a clearing such as a city or special area. Many helicopters came over it like military helicopters. They went into formation of a circle around the cleared area with their lights shining outward in protection. It was a perfect circle and the lights covered every bit of ground outside that area. They were hovering, protective, strong, united, focused.

I later heard a girl speak of dreaming an angel was leading people to a safe place and she heard the word Goshen. When I heard that word this dream came back to me. I felt the helicopters were the Army of God watching over a place of safety for Christians, or watching over Christians where they are. Goshen means a land or place of plenty and comfort.
Exodus 8:22 KJV – And I will sever in that day the land of Goshen, in which my people dwell, that no swarms of flies shall be there; to the end thou mayest know that I am the Lord in the midst of the earth.

Being alone with the Lord at this time will benefit us so that we can hear His voice for instructions and feel His spirit for encouragement.  He tells us in scripture that He holds us with His righteous right hand.  He never said that He will at some point stop doing that.  God bless and keep you as He calms your spirit in times of trouble.

Isaiah 41:10 KJV – Fear thou not; for I am with thee; be not dismayed; for I am thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness.

Bridge over Troubled Waters 3-4-20

IMG_0459 (1)

As I woke this morning I felt a burden in my spirit.  The thought went through my head that God’s people are panicking.  Then I kept hearing the song that has been on my mind lately ‘Bridge Over Troubled Waters’.  Sometimes I think that some of the lyrics in these old songs were given to artists from God.  They will say that they didn’t know where the words came from because they just sat down and within ten minutes there was a song.  I’m talking about the songs that lift us up and give us hope.

We need to get out of the troubled waters and step onto the bridge.  Jesus is the bridge in times of trouble.

When I began getting messages frequently from the Lord in 2015 regarding warnings, I would always have a message  in between of His love and protection.  God does not give us the spirit of fear.

I am strongly led to share some of those dreams of protection here today.

I was on a bridge or dam with my youngest granddaughter in the back seat.  There were so many tornadoes whipping around us.  I knew my vehicle would be taken up into the air for a minute but it would be gently put back down.  And that is how it happened.  I looked back at my granddaughter and she was very calm as she looked from the tornadoes to me with not a flinch in her eyes.  As I came to the end of the bridge, the water had risen in the road so high that I knew I couldn’t drive.  I could go to the left or the right, but the water rapidly flowed to the right.  I knew if I took the right that the water would take us into its current, but we would be okay.  I made the turn to the right and felt the water gently lift my vehicle.  We rode along with the current and we were fine.  March 2016

I had another dream where I was with my family where we had been vacationing.  We had actually gathered the children and grandchildren to be together for a week in the summer.  We did that for two summers.  In the dream, I was standing on the shoreline watching the grandchildren play in the water.  There was a park in the water where you could crawl through tunnels of glass and see underwater.  As I looked out on the horizon, I saw a huge wave coming at us.  We all got in our vehicles and followed each other along the shoreline.  As the wave hit I did see a person swept away but we were fine.  We were in convertibles and the water never touched us.  We made it to a safe place indoors where I stood and watched all my family seated around a very long table.  We have not been back to this location since a hurricane caused so much devastation.  2-18-17

Among other warnings, I received a dream where I could hear everything outside being torn apart.  I heard metal and debris flying through the air as it collided with each other.  I went to the bedroom to open the blinds and look out at this destruction.  Just before I reached the blinds I was pulled back and found myself on the bed face down.  I struggled to get up saying, “I have to make sure everyone in my house is safe”!  I couldn’t move but suddenly through my mind’s eye I could see my youngest grandchild was asleep in the bed next to me and he was covered with the comforter.  After that dream I saw where people had battery operated lights that they were so excited about, but I knew it was a false light.  And I could see the whispers and see the text messages where people were being very hateful to Christians.  But we were protected and we had nothing to fear.  As I drove the grandchildren to school the next morning, I kept thinking how that must have been the enemy that held me down and I wasn’t prepared at all.  Then a calm came over me and I heard in my spirit ‘that was me’.  It was my Lord and Savior protecting us all the time.  8-16-18

As I have had storms in my life, I open the bible and I am at Isaiah 43:2.  When thou passest through the waters, I will be with thee; and through the rivers, they shall not overflow thee: when thou walkest through the fire, thou shalt not be burned; neither shall the flame kindle upon thee.

There is more but I will share this for now.  Please be encouraged.  We are in the palms of His hands.  Give the Lord thanks in all things, pray without ceasing, and let the Holy Spirit calm you.


The Secret Place – 3-3-20


The Secret Place – 3-3-20

This morning as I sat in the prayer swing listening to the gentle rain drip off the eaves of the porch, I was prompted to find a lesson on you tube. I went to Joanie Stahl and scrolled to the bottom as if I knew what I was looking for. I had finished devotions and prayer but I didn’t want to leave this place. I mean that more spiritually than physically.

I clicked on the four-part lesson entitled ‘The Lonely Walk of the Saint’. As I listened, it took me back to September, 2015. I knew at that time that I was being called into the prayer closet. Something would wake me every night to get alone and pray. The way I’ve always told it is that the Holy Spirit came down and we had prayer meeting. So many things were placed upon my heart to repent of and through remorseful flowing tears, I did. And instead of wanting to avoid this time every night, I welcomed it. I didn’t want to take anything for allergies or anything that would make me feel sleepy because I didn’t want to miss that time with the Lord. An aspirin makes me sleepy. Even now, I have a slot of time during most nights that I wake and leave the comfort of my bed and I go commune with God. It may be a conversation through tears and it may be a silence of just knowing He is there. I came to realize the Bible is alive. Words will jump out at me when reading and speak to my heart.

One time in particular, I awoke to a vision. A scar-faced warrior was readying his bow. I was looking outside what appeared to be a watch tower where you see those small square windows. When this warrior went away, I saw Jesus. He stood outside this window with his arm outstretched to me. I knew He was saying to come out of her. Later in the day, I saw a short clip of a movie as I was flipping channels. This movie was called Exodus: gods and kings. I saw Ramses speaking to Moses, and Ramses had that same scarred face that I had seen in the vision. I then saw Moses tell the people to put the blood over their doors. I began seeing the verse to go inside and shut thy door for a little while until this indignation passed.

I began seeing and hearing from the Lord almost daily through dreams, visions, and words. I had some of that rarely in my life, but not like this. I had asked one day what Spirit is this, and as I prepared dinner I heard behind me, “Benevolent”. I swung around and said what? I heard “Benevolent Spirit”. I had to look it up.

He was showing me that we are now here. All the warnings in the bible of the end times, we are here. He also showed me in the warnings that He is our comfort and under His wing we rest. Our faith has to kick in now. He is our rest. He has shown me His protection in the storms.

I take Him with me in everything I do since that time. He is such a part of me that I am always speaking to Him or listening for His voice. I wake awaiting to be led by the Holy Spirit. I know He will speak if there is anything to be said and He will let me know when to pull back and remain silent. I have learned the hard way. I have learned the trouble I can create if I don’t listen to this. I have learned a lot of my lessons the hard way. I was a hard-headed person, but I allowed Him to crack this nut because I wanted to walk with Him.

I have learned that when something is placed on my heart to do, it is the Holy Spirit doing that. I may never know why He wants it done and that is okay. I did find out much later why something was placed on my heart one time. I fully believe He showed me why so that I would remember that prompting I had to do something and that I was carrying out His answer to someone else’s prayer. I had given a person a gift certificate to thank him for something he had been doing to help my family. The gift certificate was to a grocery store. I thought maybe I need to give a card that could be used anywhere but that grocery store card kept standing out to me. I went through with that prompting. This person told a family member not long ago that he had been praying and crying out to the Lord the night before because he had no food. I had no idea.

So many times when you feel led to do something, please consider that God could be using you to answer a prayer. He could be using you to put food on a person’s table when they had none. Not that you are so good to do that, but that you answered God’s prompting to do that. It is Him alone that is so good. You allowed yourself to be used by Him and you don’t expect to ever know the reason why because that does not matter. If you asked Him, He may tell you, ‘what is that to you’? Not to be rude, but it really is none of our business.

The only reason I found out why months later is so I would know to always follow that prompting. Don’t ever feel unsure about yeah I may do that sometime or no I don’t know them that well. This person told someone that story through tears because for him that was such a special thing that God would even consider answering his prayer. When I had given the gift certificate, he just said okay and walked away. I thought, ‘well he wasn’t very appreciative’. That was my flesh. I had no idea he was so on the verge of tears and so shocked that God would even consider him that he had to walk away.

It is all about our faith in trusting God’s plan in these last days. We cannot fear His warnings and say we have faith. And if there is fear in the land, then know that God is at work to send them to their knees to look up. We carry out what He needs for us to do with the calm of the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.

Proverbs 3:5-6