Warnings – September 2015


September 21, 2015, I woke at 4:23am after a dream. I had been noticing a lot of 23’s in the times I would see. I’m not into numerology but these 23’s kept popping up. I was off all technology. The dream I had just had was so hard to put on paper that at first I put it in shorthand on a note card so no one else could read it. It took a while for me to put it on the notepad I had bought. This is the dream.
I was in the back seat of a car as the driver took me to a house. A young man and a young woman stood at the road to greet me. Something had happened out in the world. I stepped out of the car and hugged the young man and called him brother. The young woman was smoking one after the other obsessively and she never spoke throughout the dream nor did she hug me. The young man made reference to the young woman about smoking and asked why she did that and why couldn’t she stop. There was a funeral coming up and she was expected to be there but wasn’t going. We walked into the house and into a kitchen where I remember food on the cabinets like people bring to your house when there’s been a death. A minister I know told the woman that he didn’t understand why she wouldn’t go to seal the final decree. I kept thinking she could take care of final things later and defended her because I thought it was just too hard for her to go into the church. I thought they were talking about final funeral arrangements being settled. The young woman and young man stood at the counter while the minister sat at a table with papers and pen. The minister looked up and asked her if she was going to the church and he mentioned a graveside. When the young woman did not speak, the minister looked at the young man and very sternly asked, ‘why is she not going to the church?’ The young man said, ‘she is of the church of satan’s love’. The minister turned and looked me square in the eyes, ‘satan has shown us a lot of love here today’. Then a small innocent looking little boy dressed in a white robe with I think a white sash around his waist walked up to the minister. The boy didn’t speak and had no expression as he stood there and stared. He then began to walk around the minister. The minister’s stare followed the little boy as he said, ‘you showed us a lot of love here today’. Then I woke up. I was so disoriented I couldn’t think of what I was supposed to be doing. That feeling followed me for a while.
In looking back on the dream, the little boy was symbolic of an adult that is a religious figure that shows innocence and sweetness to people, but his actions and his heart are not good. That much I knew. The young man tried to correct the young woman, but she wouldn’t listen.  He was a child of God, a follower of Christ.  I called him brother.  I wasn’t sure if the woman was actually a woman or a symbol of our country. I know the statue of liberty is from ISIS – Ishtar. The minister was warning me about the young woman and the little boy. He made sure I knew not to trust them. She is silent and he acts innocent. They will show a lot of love but beware, they are not what they seem. I understood this dream more on the 23rd. (Note: I later learned in April of 2017 that when a woman is spoken of in bible prophecy it is usually speaking of the church. There will be false doctrine taught in the church, as it has already begun. In June of 2017 I was reading bible.org where smoke in Revelation usually relates to judgment, doom, and torment. Many verses in Revelation stood out as I read. For Revelation 19, Matthew Poole’s Commentary says ‘As the church proceeded in her praises, so God proceeded in his judgments upon the great whore, until she was ruined past recovery.’ And Rev 14:11 speaks of the smoke of their torment will go up forever and ever.  I learn more as time goes by.  To God be the glory.

On September 23, while on the technology fast, I felt the need to call some people I pray with.  I’d been waking up seeing  23 and it was the 23rd.  It weighed heavy on me.  I’ve never had anything to do with numerology but this was significant.  One of the people I was going to call, actually called me as I picked up my phone.  He said he had tried to call me two days prior to tell me the pope was coming to America.  He couldn’t get through to my cell which was odd, but he knew I was heavy in prayer and felt the prayer was more important than the purpose so he didn’t try to reach me after that.  There is a bible meaning for 23 which is death.

On the 26th, a life-long friend called and said the leaders had met at ground zero the day before and she was disturbed that Jesus was never mentioned by any of the delegates from countries that started the UN.

The Light is Green – Sept 2015


In September of 2015, I kept feeling an earthquake was coming, waking in the night with it on my mind. I searched the Web for a scientific reason. I came to realize it was more of a shaking that was coming.  Hebrews 12:27
Around September 16, 2015, I dreamed I was standing in front of a man in a black suit. I didn’t see his face. He took my hands and swung them out and back again as he sang ‘I have my faith in the condemnation’. When I sang along, it was so loud it woke me. I looked up condemnation on the Web and saw ‘Romans 8 You Tube’, a beautiful reading of Romans 8.
Another day I had my eyes closed and a mushroom cloud appeared in the distance. I thought ‘why am I seeing a bomb’? I had never had visions before until September of 2015.
I had seen a calendar in a vision showing the 21st at the end of the week. On December 21st, 2017, on a Thursday, the UN voted to not hold to Trump’s claim that Jerusalem is now the capital of Israel and no other.
Shortly after, I had another vision. I had been reading on my nook but got tired so I put it down and closed my eyes a minute. Immediately I saw a traffic light on the right turn green and traffic flowed. Then on the left I saw a man dressed in black with black shoes walk up a long flight of white steps to huge columns at the top. I only saw him from the back. I think it was the same man that sang when this all started. I didn’t see a building with those long steps, just the steps and columns that led to what would be a temple or capitol. I felt something had happened that made the light green for the rise to power. On January 2, 2016, I saw a picture pop up on the Internet that looked like the structure in my vision. It was even the same view of it that I saw.  The man had started walking up the right side of the step going toward the left as he walked up.  I asked someone what is that? They said the seat of satan. I asked what on earth is the seat of satan? A friend sent me the history of it. I looked it up further and found Revelation 2:12-14. Another name for the place is pergamon. You can look up the history of Pergamon.  Hitler replicated it to give his speech and there are videos showing where Obama did the same. Whatever was happening to turn that light green wasn’t good, and that was obvious.


Pray for HAWAII


I am posting from the oldest to the newest, however, I need to interrupt to ask for prayers for Hawaii.  On April 12 I received a word during devotion ‘Hawaii’.  I put it in my journal and asked a friend if he knew of anyone having anything about Hawaii.  He said no, just that they were hearing loud noises sounding like trumpets.

On May 2, I heard ‘things will never be the same again’.  I took my journal and pen with me to the rope swing where I pray and asked God for more information.  I looked down and saw Hawaii on my notes dated April 12 ‘I heard Hawaii but yet know why’.  I also saw Matthew 7:7.  So we pray.

When I received the word ‘things will never be the same again’, a feeling of shear panic came with it.  It lasted only about a minute before it went away, but I’ve never received anything like that before.  I don’t know if this is the beginning of more to come.

This is from my journal on another incident like this one:

August 9, 2017
I woke continuously to sirens. All kinds of sirens. In and out of sleep I heard sirens. The first time I looked at the clock was between 1:30-2:00. I finally got up between 3 and 4. I sat on the couch emailing sister and life-long friends about it, still hearing sirens. I got on FB and posted on Marty Breeden’s site. He is a cop that went code blue and came back with an amazing story. Immediately under my post a pastor TD Hale said it’s the same reason he’s up. Hearing sirens continuously and looking out the window but nothing outside. It was back to back after this.  I don’t believe all these people hearing sirens and warnings was for nothing. It wasn’t long after this that the hurricanes started and they were devastating.  Fires became worse.  Tornadoes.

I said all this to say there is an urgency to pray for Hawaii.  God needs our prayers; the battle is His.

The Holy Spirit Came Down – 9-19-15


The only way I can describe September 19, 2015, is the Holy Spirit came down.  In the wee hours of the morning I woke to hearing singing.  I knew it was the congregation in my grandmother’s church when I was a little girl.  I knew the tune but I couldn’t place it, then I heard the words.  ‘Count the milestones one by one, Jesus will forsake you never, it is better farther on.’  Those were the sweetest words, and they were the only words I was able to make out during the singing.  Those words touched my heart, and I was amazed.  Then I felt a whoosh come over me and the Holy Spirit was touching my heart.  I felt it.  A message was downloaded.  ‘Get off the phone, Internet, TV.’  I thought to myself how I do too much of that and after the weekend I was going to cut back.  This time it came stronger and more urgent.  It wasn’t in a hateful way but just firm.  ‘Now.’  Then I saw a calendar where the span of a week stood out and at the end I saw 21.  That end of that week wasn’t the 21st, but I understood I was to be off for a week.  I asked, ‘How am I going to document things I’d already been documenting?’  I had already had a couple things to happen that made me type them on my notes in my cell phone.  As soon as I asked, I saw a picture of a white piece of paper and a yellow pencil.  It’s a shame I even had to ask, but I did.  Time spent with the Lord has been unbelievable since then.  I had already been called into the prayer closet.  I was being cleansed and refined.  I not only had to be forgiven, I had to forgive.  The bible came alive.  The words spoke to me, and ever since, that’s almost always how I’m given anything or any questions are answered.  I get scripture.  I would read in the night and fall to sleep clutching my bible. One day I felt the words Isaiah 58.  The words were just there.  Then I got it again.  So I read Isaiah 58 often.  As you can tell I’m not a scholar at all, but I can relay what I get from the Spirit.  I asked God one day if I should tell these things.  For months I’d open the bible to verses that said tell these things, write down the vision, shout, blow the trumpet.  I took the picture on this post.  I love taking pictures of God’s artwork.

Psalm 42:8     John 16:13

Faithful and True – 2005

IMG_3296 (1)

This dream I had around 2005.  I was walking down a sandy country path when I came upon a huge tree with enormous roots sprouting out and going everywhere.  I approached the tree and observed the roots, then realized there was a house to my right.  I went up the steps, onto the porch, and on through the door.  As I entered the house I was facing women that were cooking with huge pots.  The message that came to me was ‘prepare, they will be coming’.  I began to work with the other women, and we worked together so well.  We were so happy to be doing what we were doing.  We worked harmoniously until someone said, ‘There’s no meal for bread’.  We became very distraught.  Suddenly a man walked through the door.  He was so tall he bent to get in and his hair was so white.  He was holding an old urn under his right arm.  He put his left hand in the urn and brought out a substance and began sprinkling it over everything.  He said, ‘This is not for bread alone’.  The left side of the house was a long dining room with a big table in it.  The walls were window panes.  We could see the white, puffy clouds.  One of the panes became dark as night.  We ran to it to see what it had to show us.  A horse and rider were barreling through the air as the horse pawed its way through.  I didn’t see the stars and moons, but I knew they followed him.

God anointed us and all the work we were doing for His glory.  The tree represented the remnant deeply rooted in Christ.  The heavens opened and out came a white horse.  He who sat on him was called Faithful and True, and in righteousness He judges and makes war.

Revelation 19:11-16    Colossians 2:7

Captivity Dream – 1983

I was in my twenties when I had two or three dreams back-to-back that went together.   That was around 1983.

I stood in town with a crowd at night.  As I stared up through the limbs of a tree, I saw the moon shining through.  The limbs began to form a face.  I tried to tell the people what I was seeing, but no one could see it.  The face with a bald head stared down at me and I knew he was angry.

The scene changed to daytime and I was running – running from those that knew I had recognized the antichrist and I was trying to get others to see it.  I ran as fast as I could down the old country path.  I climbed a fence as I came to it but the old blue pickup chasing me plowed through.  I kept running and made it to a little white church.  I ran through the door screaming of what was coming.  The people sat on backless benches and stared straight ahead.  Nothing I did, even yelling in their face, made them see me or hear me.

I found myself in confinement with other women and children.  None of us knew each other.  The temperatures got cold so we went outside the metal building we were in to find sticks in hopes of making a fire.  The military outside spoke a language I didn’t know.  They became very angry with us and slapped the sticks from our hands.  We were in winter.

Then God spoke to an older woman that was with us.  She said, “God said to bring the snow down from the mountain.”  We didn’t question it.  We brought the snow down and we covered the floor inside with it.  The troops laughed and thought we were crazy.  We covered the children and babies in that snow on the floor because it had turned warm underneath.  God had prepared a table before us in the presence of our enemies.  He had provided in a way our enemies could not comprehend.  We leaned not onto our own understanding but on God’s.  We kept the faith.

Soon the troops found something else to be angry about and we scattered to run from their guns.  We were in a parking lot so when the guns began shooting under the vehicles to stop our running, I held on to a door handle and held my feet up.  Just when it seemed there was no way out, the sky lit up in a way that everyone had to look up.

I saw Jesus coming down.  I ran screaming, “Thank God! Thank God! Thank God!”  And as soon as His face turned toward mine, the feeling of love so overwhelmed me that it woke me up.  We don’t comprehend that kind of love.  We have no idea.

Psalm 23:5    Matthew 24:27    1 John 4:3    Matthew 13:16    Psalm 91:1

The picture on this post is one I took a couple years ago.  You can see Jesus, the candle stick, others behind him and lightning in the sky.

We are in His hands! Something to celebrate!

Sounding the trumpet!  And I enjoy giving words of encouragement to the body of Christ.  It’s not about me; it’s about our Savior.  Don’t follow me; I run into walls.  Thank you for visiting.  God bless, Donna Sikes

John 13:34 kjv – A new commandment I give unto you.  That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another