In The Secret Place – 3-18-23

I had several things pointing to being away from technology for awhile when March began. I had a dream where I would look at my phone and the words on it were ‘get off social media’. This happened two or three times in that dream. I held onto that and prayed about it. A sister in Christ began speaking to me about the same thing so I knew to pay attention. I won’t go into all the details, but I once again began, as led, a fast from the phone, computer, and tv – other than work and checking on family.

I began in the evening and woke from my sleep that night. I was very still as I watched a pair of big, strong hands come down beside me. The hands were cupped and full to overflowing of bread. I saw His thumbnail and the crease in His forefinger where his hands were bent holding the bread. It was beautiful. Immediately scriptures came to mind such as John 6:25-59 that speaks of the bread of life, the prayer we pray every day in Matthew 6 – He gives us our daily bread, and Psalm 37:25 – I have been young and now am old, yet have I not seen the righteous forsaken, nor His seed begging for bread.

I felt further led to drop all devotional materials and go directly to the scriptures. I began to open the bible and read from only His words to receive my daily bread everyday. His daily bread is in abundance. This is not to take away from hearing a message from a pastor that has been called by the Lord to preach to the people, but in the meantime, it is good to receive our daily bread from His living word.

It is good to get away from the noise and distractions at times to be alone with Him. An amazing time during this fast was when I opened the bible early one morning to Matthew 25:6. Away from noise and distractions, and His word speaks clearly. I was amazed at how the words came alive. This has happened so many times since September of 2015. This entire chapter of Matthew 25 said more to me than it ever has before.  We go to the secret place to meet our bridegroom and our vessels are filled with oil.  We never slack on that because of our love for Him.  And when the Lord has something to say or show, our wicks being trimmed and vessels full, then we hear Him.  We are constantly sanctifying ourselves to be holy before Him. 

The foolish will go looking for oil elsewhere and in other things, but they won’t find it there.  It is not in the idols of our lives.  His anointing is over our heads and our cups run over when we sit with Him and have not other God’s before Him.

Otherwise, how do we even hear the cry in the night that the scripture speaks of if our oil is gone.  How do we even see Him. 

Just before this fast I had a night that I woke, then I heard a door close.  It slowly hit the latch and closed shut.  The noise of a final close. 

Please take it to the Lord in prayer and God bless you!

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