God is Leading His Army – 1-6-23

God’s word will never return void. This tells us to believe in every word He says. He is reminding me today of some things He has shown me that are in His word and are important to bring back to memory and to hold onto. He began reminding me this morning and has continued as the day has gone by. These words burned within me until they were on paper.

A dream began coming back to mind early in the morning and continued. I told a sister in Christ about it and she was excited as she had written up something along those lines. So I was given two witnesses throughout the day that I was in the right direction. It is on my heart to write today as led to encourage as we feel the pressures at this time. The Lord is going to encourage us along the way and we will never be alone. He has given us each other to come together in His name.

This dream was given to me and another sister on the same night. I have mentioned it a few times over the years. The Lord is saying, pay attention. In this dream, I was in a room where there were other believers and we were all worn out. We couldn’t even raise our heads off the tables and some were shoving others out of the way that were spread out on top of the tables. I pushed someone over just to get my head down. (I think most are already feeling the wearing down.)

A military device began spitting out something on paper that was rolling out of the machine. A couple of military men went to the machine and tore the paper off. One said there is something coming from the sky and I can’t believe we didn’t already know about this. A man at the end of my table could barely raise his head, ‘how long do we have’?

One of the military men stated, ‘thirty minutes’. I immediately thought of the thirty minutes silence in heaven and what is happening at that time. At the seventh seal in Revelation 8 there is silence in heaven about the space of half an hour. But this is after chapter 7 where the servants are sealed. The instructions are to not harm the earth, sea, or trees until that time. I was shown the sealing on the forehead not long ago in a vision. I was looking through God’s eyes. It was like standing in front of a huge window shaped like an eye with water pooled up at the bottom as we do when we blink.

I was reminded also of the dream more recently where there was such a violent earthquake that everything was shaking and I mean coming off the ground. I knew it was the second woe. I didn’t see the third woe as we had begun going up before or just as that was happening. I didn’t really pay such close attention to these chapters until the Lord began showing me things that led here so I studied it as I was shown. So He has so far shown me the destruction/woe from the earth and from the sky. There is so much more in between but this is what we are to hold onto today until He returns. (I would like to thank my prayer group and its leader for the timeline being put together and prayed over)

After hearing audio today of these scriptures again and a trusted friend in Christ’s video popping up from three years ago of the white horse she was shown was hers, I knew the Lord is giving encouragements to the saints and will continue to until we are there with Him. By the time these angels have their seven trumpets to unleash the wrath on this earth, we will be moving out of the way.

I have also seen Jesus, Faithful and True, on His horse coming down and although I didn’t see anyone with him, I knew the moons and the stars followed Him. That’s how His army was described to me. (Revelation 19:11-16) This is after the rapture has taken place.

Before I saw Him coming on His horse, I was working with other brothers and sisters in Christ harmoniously and very peacefully. We were cooking good food which always represents God’s word in my dreams. He said prepare, they’ll be coming. (Bad food represents deception.) We eat what HE give us. Someone became distraught because we had no meal for bread. A tall white-headed man as tall as the door frame came in with an urn under his arm. He reached in and took out a substance to anoint everything we were doing. He said this is not for bread alone. He showed me these ones are deeply rooted in Him and we have no competition with one another. His truth is our shield and buckler. We know His voice and only follow Him.

We are being equipped for these days until He meets us in the air. The Commander doesn’t leave His troops alone. He trains, equips, and leads the way. This is the time we pay especially close attention to the commander. God bless you as you train and equip with Him. Being in His army is a privilege and an honor. The battle is already won.

I praise God for showing these things. He alone deserves the honor, the praise, and the glory. He is the only good in any of us.

And always remember Philippians 4:13.

Daniel 12:3 – Those who are wise shall shine like the brightness of the firmament, and those who turn many to righteousness like the stars forever and ever.

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