Cling To What You Know – 11-2-22

I am still getting messages from the Lord about the Bride. He always gives encouragement, even with the warnings. As times seem so uncertain, even for those of us that don’t watch the news, we look back on the words God has spoken in His Holy Bible. We remember the words He has spoken to us, the dreams, and the visions. As we armor up each morning before going out into our day with Him, we tuck these things inside the armor. They were given for a reason.

Be encouraged in this time and in the days ahead. In this blog you will find how He has shown His protection and provision. He has shown the table He sets before us in the presence of our enemies. Now that one rings true when we read that His ways are not our ways. We need only be in tuned to that to know that He will make a way. We just have to continue to pray that our eyes and ears be open.

He has shown the times of darkness as we walk this earth, and in that He shows the protection and the provision. He shows the struggle to walk as we sink and hold on to anything to keep us going, He showed the animals growling at us, and as the Lion of the Judah Tribe stands from the rock where He rests and comes down to walk with us, the road becomes smoother and easier to travel. In this He shows that with Him by our side we don’t sink and we need only to hold onto Him.

He has shown the living waters where we drink of Him. He has shown the getting ready to go out and meet Him. He has shown there is a catching away. He has shown the fighter pilots dropping their bombs overhead to only say to us, SPARROW. Sparrows fly. Sparrows are taken care of by our Lord.

He’s given instruction to put on the armor. He’s repeated Haggai 1:13 many times. He will continue to. He has let us know that He needs strong warriors. A strong warrior has no fear but faith in His leader as He presses on, leaving no one behind that He can possibly carry out – that will go.

If I never have another vision or another dream – if I never hear His voice again – I still have His word. And I have all the things He has taught me. Stand on that solid rock, that foundation that cannot be shaken. Rest under His feathers and trust. Let His belt be our shield and buckler. He will guide us with His rod and His staff. Hold onto these things.

I pray there is something in this blog that will help you in any way that you need it. There are so many messages of His encouragement. He has shown the bride can do anything through Him. That was shown in a way that told me we are actually disabled without Him, but what a beautiful dance with Him. But be in tune to Him of any deception, pray for discernment.

It is time to armor up each day and tuck His teachings into that armor and walk holding onto Him, that Lion of the Judah Tribe. I’ve been listening to the book of Mark lately. His teachings to His disciples are for us to follow as well in this time. We are His disciples in the last days He has spoken of. As we allow His light to shine through us, others will see and want to follow that light. Everything leads to Jesus. Everything should point the way to Him.

Stand firm. Cling to what you know, tuck it away. Be a light for those around you that don’t know that we have no need to fear. Listen for His voice that leads the way in a fallen world. Drink from His living waters. Ask for His strength and peace and it will rain down upon you.

All God’s children are blessed and highly favored. He leaves the ninety-nine to look for the one. He showed that in a most beautiful way. Go higher in the Lord, pray without ceasing. Remember, we are just passing through. Our home is not here. We are heading toward that cloudless, endless day. No more pain and no more tears, no more worries, no more fears. Just have faith, have faith in our God whom all blessings flow.

I am so thankful we have a Savior that died on the cross to save us of our sins, and in three days rose again and sits at the right hand of the Father. He did not leave us alone. We have the Holy Spirit that intercedes for us. That comforter that never sleeps. Abide in Him and rest in His word that never returns void. With Him in and with us, whom shall we fear.

He has pressed upon my heart for several months now to print out everything I’ve blogged. That’s a lot of printing but I’ve been doing it as I can. I don’t know why, I just obey what I know He is placing on my heart. I will have these things on paper. I’ve seen the lights go out and I’ve seen the cars stalled in the streets. I’ve seen the different leaders and their agendas – enough to know not to put my faith in any one of them. My faith is above. All is being shaken that can be shaken, but we know what can’t. He has shown the world turning upside down as we rest under His shelter.

God bless you in your walk with Him and may He show you the way as you walk in His light that points the way for others. I praise Him for His blessed assurance, His green pastures, and the still waters. Holy is His name, the only One to be praised and worshipped. Amen ~

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