God’s Protection – 10-4-22

I was just brought to tears as I spoke to the Lord, putting on His armor to start the day. He is with us as we put each piece in place. His helmet of salvation and His strength in His Sword and Shield. After each piece is in place we rest in Him as we go throughout the day with Him fighting for us. We walk with Him in prayer through the green pastures and beside the still waters. He takes ever so great care in guiding and correcting as His rod and staff are always over our shoulders. There is a great spiritual war in the heavenlies and all around that we don’t even have to see. Fiery arrows aimed against us fall to the ground, as all things not of our Lord. No weapons aimed against us prosper as we are challenged all the day long and into the night. Our faith going before us sees His end results over us. We don’t laugh at the devil. We know it’s all real. We just don’t give him place in our lives. We don’t even have to flinch at the battle that rages over us in the night as we sleep. He hears our prayers and faithfully covers us as a warm blanket that nothing can remove. That comforter that remains. He is our gold and our silver, our fine linen. His wing crowns our head and holds us close. For whom shall we ever fear as we believe and draw near. He first loved us.

He reminds me often of the sparrows and His love for us. Luke 12 tells us that not one of them is forgotten before God. He knows the numbers of hair on our heads and tells us do not fear. We are more valuable than many sparrows. How comforting is that.

Categories: Devotion

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