Stepping into God’s Will for You – 8-23-22

We all have to keep our ducks in a row, especially the overachievers with tight calendars and schedules. But when the ducks begin to fall off . . .

We find people respond differently, but none of us are perfect. We must learn to go easier on other people, and on ourselves.

We can’t always control those ducks, but we can control how we react when they just won’t stay in line with our step.

Sometimes God has a better plan. Sometimes He’s trying to show us something.

Martha and Mary had their ducks in a row, then walked in Jesus. Mary sat at His feet and hung on every word while Martha watched her ducks gradually slide off, first to one side, then to the other.

Martha so distracted at all the preparations couldn’t understand why Mary didn’t care which way the ducks went.

Martha asked the Lord didn’t He care that she was left alone to handle everything. He said you, Martha, are worried and upset about many things but few things are needed or indeed only one. Mary chose what was better and He wouldn’t take that from her.

Sometimes we are taught lessons in our daily lives when the ducks go awry. Pay attention. Find God’s peace and flow with His schedule.

May your day be blessed with resting in His peace that He has gone before you and blessings are on the way, on the path He has chosen.

Luke 10

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