He Guides Our Path – 7-28-22

I remember the day years ago when I was looking for a church in a new area. I was leaving my very long driveway out of the woods and still had no clue where to go. I said, well Lord, where are we going? It was as if He turned my head towards the woods and He said ‘I’m here’. I got to the top of the hill just before going out of the driveway when I saw a huge billowing cloud coming out of the tops of the trees. I thought the woods were on fire. I jumped out of the car to run to see what was going on when the cloud disappeared.

I drove back down to the house and picked up my bible and my camera, just in case that happened again. I walked all through the woods that day snapping pictures. Praying on my knees thanking Him for meeting me ‘right where I am’. Every picture had a staff of light coming through the trees to light up the darkness. It was a most beautiful time. I walked to the very back of the property where I was overlooking a small valley where the mist was still hovering over the ground.

I’ve walked these woods many times since and my husband set up swings that I now call my prayer swings. It’s where I rejoice and its where I cry for mercy. Its where I shout in thankfulness and its where I pray for others’ healing. Its where my Lord has spoken to me many times.

I worked out of a bathroom on a cabinet for years, I worked in a shed in the woods far away from a bathroom, I worked at the kitchen cabinet, and one day I thought, it sure would be nice to have a little home office. My husband called me out to the porch and said, I’m putting this porch up but I’m sectioning off an office for you. God knows the desires of our heart before we even ask.

I had a family member that needed a place for awhile so the office became a small bedroom and I’m back in the woods in a shed, but its a short distance away now. I’m very grateful, and I’m still working.

I told the Lord around 2015 that I was probably too old for Him to use me now and He began giving me visions and dreams of things we have been and will be going through. He never tells me anything without letting me know about His protection. So don’t lose faith or hope because you have no idea how much He loves you. He showed me a glimpse of it and my heart could barely take it. We have no idea of that kind of love. Imagine someone giving their life for you when you didn’t even know them yet. Giving you so many promises if you just stand on that Solid Rock and Believe. Under His wing is protection and provision. Resting in that starts the day right. I just look up, smile, and say, ‘Here we go Lord, lead the way’.

The prayers I love besides my ‘prayer list’ are Psalm 91, Psalm 23, and Matthew 6:9-14. I pray you have a blessed day!

Categories: Testimony

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