The Great News – 7-20-22

I’m sure there are times in our lives that the Lord is actually disappointed with the route we are taking when we decide to go our own way. Times it was not what He would have for us only because He can see the danger up ahead that we can’t. He can see the snare waiting. It is so important to pray and trust Him for the path we take. I’m reminded of people talking about their childhood when the street lights came on and fathers called their children by their full names to come in. Coming in is for our protection.

The Lord is our strength and we can trust Him for our salvation, our protection, and our provision. He calls us into the prayer closet, which means alone with Him. We get under His wing and we have conversation with Him. We praise and worship Him. A relationship with our God is so important. He comforts us in times of trouble. It is where we find forgiveness.

Being under His wing is where we draw buckets of living waters that never run dry. We want to tell everybody what He has done for us. It is great news we can tell others at times of trouble. The great news of our Savior, our Redeemer. Great news of our Comforter and our Strength. It is where we find salvation.

People sat in trees to get a glimpse of Him – crawled in great faith on the ground to be healed at the touch of His garment. How could we not tell these things, this great news. The One that feeds so many out of a basket of so little. Praise God for this great news.

I am blessed at the reading of Isaiah 12 as I see the writing over that chapter, ‘1/5/16, 3:46a.m.’. Blessings are always ever flowing from the prayer closet. God bless you in your day with news that trumps any other news out in the world – for greater is He that is in us.

Categories: Devotion

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