Your Comforter – 6-18-20

As you wake each morning, I pray that you can feel the comforter enfolding you and just totally wrapping you in God’s peace so that no matter what happens in the day, you can step back and feel that comfort and feel that peace knowing God is in total control. Nothing happens without His permission.

I’ve never been shown anything that is coming without being shown His protection over us. The bible tells us that we will only see the reward of the wicked with our eyes. So when that time comes, have faith with no fear in that Word of the Lord because His word does not return void. In all these things the Lord showed me, He stressed faith, no fear. I know He is coming for us and I know we are to keep our lamps full of oil until that time. That time, we know not the day or the hour. I don’t even try to discuss the trib stages because it is best to be ready if it is today and keep our lamps full of oil should He tarry for His reasons and His purpose.

It has been difficult for me to decide what category to put things in because He will give a warning while He is stressing His protection which is so encouraging. So sometimes I put those in the encouragement section because the encouragement is what we are to walk away with. Bible believers know what is coming as we read His word, and the Lord knows we more need that comfort to stand firm in these times. We know we are close and we know His word is true. I encourage you to look at the sections on here where you see the section called encouragement.

As faith builds and grows, that fortress that is our God rises up in us and fear has no place. We, with the Lord in us, walk by still waters and rest in green pastures. He leads us in paths of righteousness for His name sake. His rod and staff comfort us. He prepares a table before us in the presence of our enemies. He anoints our head with oil and our cup runs over.

I pray this is where you are every morning as your day begins. In this, we will walk on in the day and rest in the night. Wait on the Lord and do not fear.

Psalm 23 Psalm 91

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