The Good Soldier 3-23-22

I am so grateful and so humbled at the Lord’s love for us. He puts in us what we ourselves couldn’t. He gives us the fruits of the Spirit as we empty ourselves and take our minds on Him. He encourages us and gives us loved ones that we meet along the way to give encouragement. He teaches us to be the good soldier, and a good soldier always armors up and carries as many as he can with him.

I pray that as we reach out today, in walking with the Lord, that we be ever mindful of the Holy Spirit prompting. I pray that we hear the voice of the One from whom all blessings and rivers of living waters flow. I pray that in Him, we be a light for those losing heart. I pray that we always point the way to Jesus and always remember that He alone is worthy of our praise. He alone is worthy of the praise for the paths of righteousness that He leads us into. I pray that we stand on that Solid Rock today in His promises that are true.

I pray that we put our trust under the shadow of His wings as we drink of His river. Psalm 36:7-8

Categories: Devotion

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