Hang in there! 1-7-21

If a bird is a dollar and the Lord cares what happens to it even more than we do, how much more does He care for us. He knows the number of hairs on our head at any given moment. Don’t let anything out in this world get you down, afraid, or frustrated. You are worth more than a million of these birds to Him. His Light is shining through and we hold on to it. Rejoice that we have One that protects, provides, leads and guides, allows us to feel His Spirit, comforts us in the night and the troubled times. Yes, we have troubles here, but He has overcome anything we have, do, or ever will go through. This is not our home. Travel through pilgrim and don’t let yourself grow weary. Don’t lose site of the promises we have and hold on to it! No, normal ain’t comin’ back, but we know the One that is! Rejoice!

Matthew 10:29-31

John 16:33

Categories: Devotion

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