Dreams of Encouragement

2022-The Year of the Lord

I don’t know where to start this post. There has been so much being shown to me and others I pray with that we have no need to fear. The Lord is with us. Our strength is being renewed. He is preparing us, I couldn’t cover it all in this one post. If you are reading this our God that never sleeps is probably already preparing you too, or He soon will be. You’re seeing the preparations in the people you pray with, the people you worship with. Your spirit will soar and you will know that you know that you know that you are standing on the solid foundation of Jesus Christ. You will know His protection and provision will be with you. You will go so much higher in Him. You won’t fear anything you hear or see out in the world, but give thanks to Him for the God you serve. I’ve already named my photo album on my phone for pictures I take this year ‘2022-The Year of the Lord’. I’m going to tell an experience from last night and this will give you a glimpse. 1-3-21

I’m pretty sure I was awake last night when I heard wind, rain, and debris hitting the house. It kept feeling like the end of the house I was on was picking up and the wind was trying to carry it away. I did feel maybe this was something in the spirit. If I was asleep, it was the realest thing I’ve ever felt in a dream.

I kept remembering during all that where the Lord showed me a storm so bad (documented on this site) that He wouldn’t even let me look at it. As I went to part the blinds, I was pulled back. I was placed on the bed and covered. I kept trying to get up and check on the ones in the house but the Lord showed me even the smallest was safe and under the ‘comforter’ asleep.

As I was remembering all this during what I was hearing and feeling, I kept praising the Lord for the comforter and for His protection and His promises. I thanked Him for everything that came to mind. Family, friends, neighbors, healings (and there have been some miracles lately – going to be so much more) , protection, provision, undeserved mercy, precious grace. No fear whatsoever, total trust, total faith. I don’t know if it was a literal weather storm, but it was something we could call a storm in our life.

The next thing I know, I’m asleep and dreaming that I’m visiting a neighbor’s house. They were elderly and after a lengthy conversation, they were ready to go to sleep. I noticed a huge picture window by their bed. I was looking at the window when we began hearing the awful noise. I went to that big window to see jets flying very low and air strikes coming down. The pines were catching fire in a slow burn like pine straw does. I was no more afraid of the air strikes than I was the horrible storm. To the contrary, I was so excited. I was telling them that the Lord had told us this would happen and now I know it was from Him and I was so excited that He had warned us and He has us in His hands. The elderly couple had a couple of grandchildren run in to check on them. Then I heard the word ‘sparrow’.

My spirit has soared for days. Every time I hear someone else speaking about these things and how the Lord is getting us ready and making us strong and courageous, my spirit just soars higher and the tears come down harder in just total adoration and thankfulness. We serve a God that loves us more than we love our children. His love and care for us is so amazing and stronger everyday.

When you open your hands to release to Him everything that you pray about, all your concerns, all your fears, all your anxiety, everything that bothers you in a day’s time. He picks it up and you walk on without it, but something replaces it. The Lord fills you up. Your cup runs over. You can’t contain the joy. You can’t not talk about it. You thought your life was changed from the prayer closet. You thought your life was changed when He led you to walk in His Way. Then you open your hands and you release everything to Him. There are no words that I can use to describe it.

All I can say is, let it go, and let God. I don’t know if it was a literal military war on our soil. I’m not worried about it. Let Him take it all from you and give you the strength He knows you need now. I haven’t watched the news in so long but I do see headlines. I don’t even read that anymore. I’d so rather focus on our mighty God we serve and His plans. I want to focus on what He’s going to do. He had shown me the dark clouds and as they came to earth He showed me it was pure evil. Then he showed me what He did. He showed me how He expelled the darkness. I’d rather watch Him expel the darkness than even think about what the darkness had planned. I’d rather watch Him and how He handles what’s coming. I want to be a part of His army. I want to wear Ephesians 6 in boldness. I want to focus on His promises. We are His children. Look at yours and how would you feel?

I want to wake up with a thankful heart. I want to rejoice. I want to dwell on the message of the ‘sparrow’. Are we not more valuable? Yet not one of them will fall to the ground apart from our Father. Every hair on our head is numbered. Why would we fear? Why would we need to? (Matthew 10:29-31) Not one sparrow is ever forgotten by God. What does that say about us? (Luke 12:6) We have as little to fear from an undeserved curse as a flitting sparrow and a flying swallow. (Proverbs 26:2)

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