Nearer to Thee – 12-1-21

Focus on this picture. Because of the cross, and from the cross, to the grave and risen…Thy light has come.

As this year speeds past us at a rate we have never seen and the news is worse everyday, we need only look up at our Lord and Savior that is so much greater in us than in the world. We have been warned of these times and we know it will only get worse according to the scriptures, but we have also been given promises from God to sustain us in this time. Our Light has come and is in us even now. He did not put us in this time to torture us, in fact, He put us here at this time because He knew us before we were formed. He knows the trust and faith we have and the strength we draw on as we stand on our Solid Foundation. We will not fail because He in us will not fail.

I had posted that the Lord will be giving out assignments within prayer groups in an orderly fashion. This is just as He gives out assignments in the church. There is always order to God’s work and never chaos. These are assignments within the groups and for the groups.

There will, naturally, also be assignments that He will give us as individuals out in the world. As there is a need, He will show us. He will direct us. We need only focus on Him walking continuously with us and turn away all distractions and noise to hear Him. As we turn to Him for all decisions going forward, He will direct our paths. Worry for nothing and pray without ceasing. We know this is not about us and we let no offense take root in our hearts. Hold on to God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. There is no greater love, there is no greater promise, and there is no greater eternity.

We may feel disabled to do anything in this moment, in this day, but when He directs our paths for His purpose, AND HIS ALONE, there is nothing – NOTHING – that we will not be able to do in Him. Christ Jesus is our hope and our future. We will step out and walk. Step out and walk.

Look for miracles in this time. Faith over fear. He can hide us. He can hide anything. We don’t know His ways. We don’t know His plan for us. That is why we have to focus and know His voice so we do not question it. What is there to fear…NOTHING. Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good…

Rise, listen, pray, fear not, step out in faith.

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